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Visiting airports

Filippo Genoni


Filippo Genoni

Hi everyone, 

I’m interested in visiting here in Vatuk. I took a look to the visiting groups and at the airports but I don’t know any of those... which group do you suggest? Thank you 🙂

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Hi Filippo

In answer to your question, it really depends on where you want to control. Most of the groups have at least a couple of airports from the bigger towns in the UK. It's just a case of choosing the ones you fancy.


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    • Neil French
      By Neil French
      I understand how to do a hand over to another controller in terms of what needs to be said to the other controller.
      But how is the best way to do it in euroscope, say i was coming in to take over from another gnd controller is there a way to mirror the log in so i can see what is going on in euroscope or do i have to wait till that controller has logged out?
    • John Pettit
      By John Pettit
      This morning at EGLL (11.40z) a pilot was publicly quite rude and 'out of order' in comms with EGLL-5-GND.
      ATC asked an aircaft to hold at TITAN (for 27R departure) when the aircraft had aleady reached TITAN. The reason, perhaps unknown to the pilot, was that another aircraft was ahead in the departure order, and would be crossing in front of him.
      The pilot immediately criticised the GND controller publicly, saying that he had no authority to hold the aircraft at TITAN and would be filing a critical report.
      Informed Opnion:
      !. As far as I am aware, authority of a GND controller covers all licensed  aerodrome surfaces, except for the runways, by delegation. Therefore the GND controller (no other controller at EGLL at the time) was perfectly within his rights to instruct the aircraft to hold.
      2. If the pilot had a disagreement such as the above, he should NOT conduct any related discussion "over the airwaves" in public, but should, out of common courtesy, discuss the matter by private means: PM or e-mail, or such-like.
      3. Anyone new to Vatsim hearing the above rant, could only be put off. It is entirely against Vatsim philosophy and the Code of Conduct. The pilot should be ashamed of himself.
    • David Clark
      By David Clark
      Hello ATCOs, I read a thread on here months ago (which unfortunately I now can’t find) saying that unless the departure controller explicitly says “CLIMB NOW” you still have to follow the SID altitude restrictions.
      It would seem to be backed up by this 
      I rarely hear “climb now” on VATSIM and queried it today but was told that any altitude/FL instruction cancels SID restrictions. That doesn’t seem match the CAA doc.
      So do I continue to query “is that ‘climb’ or ‘climb now’ ” or just observe the SID restrictions unless I hear “now”, or just revert to doing what I did for 15+ years and always “climb now” (never got told off in all that time!). 
    • Ian Dickson
      By Ian Dickson
      HI all,
      I have this evening started to investigate getting back into VATSIM after 13 years away.  My initial VATSIM career was in the run up to starting as a trainee with NATS back in 2006, and I haven't done anything with the network since.
      I'm a little lost and feel that I may have fallen through a crack or two on the way as my profile isn't that of a complete beginner, however I feel that I most certainly am. As far as I can see my current grade is 'S2'
      Currently it seems that I am unable to re-join the VATSIM UK section (is this due to demand, or an issue with my account maybe?) however, I have been progressing through the theory training (which is very thorough btw!) and successfully negotiating the exams.
      My ultimate aim would be to get a validation in Manchester Tower (ADI and GMC/DEL)
      I would appreciate any guidance that may be on offer and in return, I'm happy to share experience and advice from my experience as a controller (I have been operational at Cardiff (Tower and Radar), Aberdeen (Approach Radar only) and Manchester (Tower only) where I spent the majority of my operational life including involvement with procedure design etc.
      Sadly now, I do not wear a headset, and instead push paper around my desk in the South of England!
      Keen to get involved with this community, and look forward to progressing through the ranks and meeting new folk on the way!
      Regards, Ian
    • Brooklyn Grantham
      By Brooklyn Grantham
      As with many members within the Vatsim UK discord. I'm sure we are all in agreement that we should have a separate channel on the discord for just talking about Vatsim ATC and Vatsim itself. I also feel we should have a real world chat on the Vatsim uk where members can discuss real things atc related etc.
      Would like to hear other members opinions on this!
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