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British Summer Time (BST) begins Sunday 28th March at 01:00

Oliver Rhodes

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Oliver Rhodes

But Time, to make me grieve,
Part steals, lets part abide;
And shakes this fragile frame at eve
With throbbings of noontide.

- Thomas Hardy, I Look into my Glass

At 1am on Sunday 28th March the clocks will advance one hour. This means that 1am will immediately become 2am.

Times on VATSIM are always given in UTC, so if you are in the UK you will need to convert from BST/UK local time to UTC/z time by taking off one hour:

  • 19:00 UK local time -> 18:00z
  • 22:30 UK local time -> 21:30z
  • 01:00 UK local time -> 00:00z

Please be mindful of this when entering availability into, or accepting sessions from, the CT System.

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    • Oliver Rhodes
      By Oliver Rhodes
      Whereby I see that Time's the king of men,
      He's both their parent, and he is their grave,
      And gives them what he will, not what they crave.
      - William Shakespeare, Pericles, Prince of Tyre
      At 2am on Sunday 31st October the clocks will revert back by one hour. This means that 2am will immediately become 1am, generously adding an hour to our day!
      This means three things: an extra hour to recover from Cross the Pond/your Saturday night Halloween party, entry into the traditional biannual state of confusion for the period of the following week, and most importantly, if you are in the UK, that you will no longer need to convert from BST to UTC/z time when entering availability into or accepting sessions from the CT System. UK local time will match with UTC/z time, following the trend below:
      18:00z -> 18:00 UK Local Time 21:30z -> 21:30 UK Local Time 00:00z -> 00:00 UK Local Time Please be mindful of this when using the CT System, and make sure that your availability is correct!
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      In trying to figure out what is current Vatsim UK ATIS practice, I have found:
      a page in the ATC Training Blog that doesn't look terribly out of date, although all of the many images in it seem to have been eaten by the/a Bit Monster.  Euroscope ATIS dialogue box may have changed a little(?) since it was written, but I think it is mostly correct. Several References to a Vatsim.net policy that seems to have been deprecated while no one here is looking, and there doesn't appear to be any replacement.  I have notified the training people here about the dead link(s). An interesting post about new test ATIS setup procedures for for EGPH, EGSS and EGGD, which seems to work fine for EGPH anyway. Not a whole lot of anything that directly relates to Audio for Vatsim and ATIS, except that I shouldn't really worry about voice ATIS, since it mostly isn't working at the moment (due to a lack of voice bandwidth or the network?). Have  I missed anything?  Something?  😜
      Edited to wonder... have I posted this in the wrong section?  If so, anyone around that can move it for me?
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      Quite some years ago I started with ATC and have an S1 rating, but I haven't done anything for years and would like to start over again.  I know I read something about this somewhere in the last few weeks, but I can't find it again.  Can any of you please point me towards information on how to re-start my training, including retaking the classes and tests?
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      After searching the forums quite a bit, I was hoping someone might have an idea as to the current waiting list for those wanting to attend the OBS_PT1 group session to start ATC training. After deliberating for quite a while I decided to take the plunge, but just want to get an idea if it's going to be a long wait or not. Mainly so I don't miss any emails!
      (I did check i was part of the training group in CTS)
    • Steve Bootes
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      I was flying IFR into EGPN Dundee today (from EGLC London City) and Scottish Control was online.  Somewhere around EGPH I received the communication "leaving controlled airspace - deconfliction-only service" (or something very similar to that).
      I'd never come across this before and wasn't quite sure what it meant - the frequency was a little busy so didn't want to query it there and then (first mistake).  Then I assumed "leaving controlled airspace" meant own navigation and proceeded to descend without authorisation (second mistake).  I soon figured out that I was very much under control so halted quickly, but was and still am a little confused.
      So, can I ask exactly what this phrasing means? (I'm assuming it's that I'm not on radar so will need to report my position, but perhaps someone can confirm).
      What is the correct response when I'm given that information?
      Assuming I'm landing at EGPN, is everything else the same in terms of top-down control? SCO_CTR still need to give landing clearances, taxi clearances etc? Is it just that they don't know my position?
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