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British Summer Time (BST) begins Sunday 28th March at 01:00

Oliver Rhodes

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Oliver Rhodes

But Time, to make me grieve,
Part steals, lets part abide;
And shakes this fragile frame at eve
With throbbings of noontide.

- Thomas Hardy, I Look into my Glass

At 1am on Sunday 28th March the clocks will advance one hour. This means that 1am will immediately become 2am.

Times on VATSIM are always given in UTC, so if you are in the UK you will need to convert from BST/UK local time to UTC/z time by taking off one hour:

  • 19:00 UK local time -> 18:00z
  • 22:30 UK local time -> 21:30z
  • 01:00 UK local time -> 00:00z

Please be mindful of this when entering availability into, or accepting sessions from, the CT System.

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      By Steve Bootes
      I was flying IFR into EGPN Dundee today (from EGLC London City) and Scottish Control was online.  Somewhere around EGPH I received the communication "leaving controlled airspace - deconfliction-only service" (or something very similar to that).
      I'd never come across this before and wasn't quite sure what it meant - the frequency was a little busy so didn't want to query it there and then (first mistake).  Then I assumed "leaving controlled airspace" meant own navigation and proceeded to descend without authorisation (second mistake).  I soon figured out that I was very much under control so halted quickly, but was and still am a little confused.
      So, can I ask exactly what this phrasing means? (I'm assuming it's that I'm not on radar so will need to report my position, but perhaps someone can confirm).
      What is the correct response when I'm given that information?
      Assuming I'm landing at EGPN, is everything else the same in terms of top-down control? SCO_CTR still need to give landing clearances, taxi clearances etc? Is it just that they don't know my position?
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      I’m S1 from the Italian division and I’m about to get my S2...I’m considering to transfer here in uk when I’ll consolidate my S2 rating
      In any case, when I’ll transfer I would like to continue my ATC carrier to my next rating: S3
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      Dear all,
      I am new to VATSIM and would like to complete some of the Flight Training Exercises. However, I'm on a Mac and so can't use the recommended smartCARS application. A kind person has written a MacOS app but I still need the URL to connect to, described as "the URL to the smartCARS frames.php or the URL with the vAMSYS VA-UUID". Can anyone provide this please?
      Kind regards,
    • Jordan Webb
      By Jordan Webb
      Hi all, I hope you guys are well in these difficult times.
      Recently I have come across a number of controllers mostly at EGCC, of varying positions, who have all elected to use a runway totally contrary to that in use IRL.
      On a number of occassions the latest METAR was reporting variable winds, such as VRB04, leading the controller to elect the written preferential runway of 23R as the runway in use. However, could we ask controllers to check both FR24 for what they're using in real world and, more importantly the TAF? I ask this for a number of reasons;
      1) Just because the surface winds are calm, it does not mean that the upper winds reflect the same. I myself have encountered significant tailwinds down the ILS23R (both in reality and on VATSIM), and when reporting this to ATC IRL, frequently a runway change is implemented soon after.
      2) With light and variable winds, one slight increase to push the half hour average into one runways favour could lead to a controller flip-flopping between which runway he/she chooses. This is totally inefficient. The TAF gives you a decent foresight into the longer term forecast.  EGCC 141420Z AUTO VRB04KT 9999 NCD 11/M03 Q1033 NOSIG would suggest preferential 23R, but looking at a TAF of EGCC 141054Z 1512/1618 09011KT 9999 FEW045 highlights that above the ground, it's going to be in 05's favour.
      3) If we're striving to be as real as can be, is it so difficult to check FlightRadar24 at what is still a fairly busy airport? This gives the controller an immediate insight to the current situation of both meteorolgical and operational requirements, without the need to check forecasts, NOTAMs etc.
      As a EGCC local both in terms of residence and profession, I don't want you to think this is a bleating rant at the quality of the training/controllers at Manch. See it more as a nudge in the right direction towards the realism we strive for.
      I welcome your feedback,
    • Harry Sugden
      By Harry Sugden
      These aide memoires have been created to assist controllers in handing over an operational position.
      Four checklists are included:
      CRAFT - aimed at Aerodrome controllers PRAWNS - an Approach control version PRAWNS - an Area control version WEST - aimed at Area controllers Three different sizes are included, to allow controllers to print (and cut out) the relevant checklist(s) to the preferred size:
      A4 - one checklist per sheet A5 - two checklists per sheet A6 - four checklists per sheet All images obtained from and licensed for non-commercial use by http://clipart-library.com/
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