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P1 Mentorship Assignment for Practical's?

Matt Livingstone

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Matt Livingstone

Evening All,

I'm a new pilot to Vatsim but have done some real world flying in the past. I have worked through the theoretical exams and passed all three as per the P1 program, however when I come to start my practical exercises it appears as though I get an "moderator" to support me which is superb and I am really excited about. However, on the CTS system I can't seem to be able to "request" a moderator for my first lesson and am a bit stuck. I've put my availability into the CTS for the times I am available but can't get passed this.

At the end of module 3, the following text instructs how to progress:

After you have passed all 3 ‘end of module’ theory exams, submit a ticket to here indicating that you have completed the P1 PPL(A) theory phase, this will result in you being marked as eligible for a training place.

Once you reach the top of the waiting list and have indicated to us that you have completed the three theory exams you will be issued a training place! You will then be able to progress onto 'Lesson 1'.


I can't see where you would submit a ticket, but I ticked the box and then watched the videos from Lesson 1, and at the end of Lesson 1, there's a section called "Requesting a Practical Session".

It advises to "Go to the CTS and from the Students menu select Sessions -> Management"

I don't have Sessions --> Management as an option but can select the hyperlink and it will take me to the page. I then add my availability, and next the "Requesting a Practical Session" tells me to

"3 - Choose 'P1_PPL(A)' from the Request session section and click 'Add'.

Once you have clicked 'Add', the 'Unaccepted sessions' bar should display the session as is below: (nothing below but 4.)"

I don't have a 'P1_PPL(A)' or indeed a Request session section?

Do I just wait? Do I not have the right CTS options because I haven't been given a "training" place yet?

Might be being a bit thick here but any help or direction very gratefully received?

Thanks all




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Luke Peters

You will need to raise a ticket at https://helpdesk.vatsim.uk. Please choose "Member Services" as the help topic. A member of the Member Services team can then add you to the Waiting List and mark you as eligible for a training place. The functions you describe will be made available in CTS when you are offered and accept a training place from the Pilots Training Department.

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