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The London (EGTT) Area Index (Documentation & Positions)

Harry Sugden

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This post brings together links to all London (EGTT) - and Scottish (MPC) - documentation and additionally summarises the available positions, including under what conditions they may be opened.



Current Supplementary Instructions (SIs)

Procedure Changes

Letters of Agreement (LoAs)

Whilst the Operations Department aims to ensure the information in the vMATS is up to date, where there are conflicts, the LoA will override any procedures detailed in the vMATS Part 2, except where instructions are otherwise promulgated to the ATC Procedure Changes Forum.



Controller Bookings and Logging On

In line with Division Policy and guidance on the VATSIM UK website: "Members may open either a single Primary or Secondary sector, or a valid combination of Primary or Secondary sectors." Here, I've replaced 'Sector' with 'Position', as this more closely reflects what is meant.

London Primary Positions


London (MPC) Secondary Positions


To open any further splits of a primary or secondary position, the remaining portion of the Primary or Secondary position must be staffed too - e.g. opening LTC_NE_CTR requires LTC_NW_CTR (as the remaining portion of LTC_N_CTR) to be online.

Controllers who booked a primary or secondary sector shall have first preference over the airspace they wish to control if a split of that primary/secondary sector wishes to log on (Div Pol 3.8 k). This applies too if LON_S_CTR is booked before someone else then books LTC_S_CTR; the controller who made the first booking for LON_S_CTR has the right to swap with a booking made at a later point for LTC_S_CTR. However, booking a bandbox such as LON_SC_CTR or LTC_CTR gives the controller no right to pick which airspace they control with precedence over subsequent bookings.


Sector Names

A sector name (i.e. what we publish in documentation) will always be the most-split version - i.e. the blocks of airspace - which are collected in a Local Area Group (LAG):

  • South LAG: Worthing, Dover, TC South West, TC South East
  • Central LAG: Daventry, Clacton, TC East, TC North West, TC North East
  • North LAG: AC North, PC West, PC East
  • West LAG: AC West


Controller Positions & Coordination Names

A position is different from a sector, in that a controller may log on to a position and be covering different sectors depending upon what other positions are open. For example:

  • If LON_SC_CTR and LTC_S_CTR were logged on, LON_SC_CTR would be controlling the Daventry, Clacton, TC East, TC NW, TC NE, Worthing and Dover sectors, whilst LTC_S_CTR would be controlling the TC SW and TC SE sectors.
  • If LTC_E_CTR then logged on, LON_SC_CTR would now be controlling the Daventry, Clacton, TC NW, Worthing and Dover sectors.

The names of the positions (i.e. the callsign you use for coordination) sometimes change in London.

  • LON_CTR (127.825) - always "(AC) Bandbox"
  • LON_SC_CTR (132.600) - "AC South Central" - if the controller is left with just South/Central group sectors, as either South/Central

South LAG

  • LON_S_CTR - "AC South" - if Dover is opened, then the position becomes known as "(AC) Worthing"
  • LON_D_CTR - always "(AC) Dover"
  • LTC_S_CTR - "TC South" - if TC South West/TC South East is subsequently opened then the position becomes known as the remainder of the two
  • LTC_SW_CTR - always "TC South West"
  • LTC_SE_CTR -  always "TC South East"

Central LAG

  • LON_C_CTR - "AC Central" - if Daventry/Clacton is subsequently opened then the position becomes known as the remainder of the two
  • LON_M_CTR - always "(AC) Daventry"
  • LON_E_CTR - always "(AC) Clacton"
  • LTC_E_CTR - always "TC East"
  • LTC_N_CTR - "TC North" - if TC North West/TC North East is subsequently opened then the position becomes known as the remainder of the two
  • LTC_NW_CTR - always "TC North West"
  • LTC_NE_CTR -  always "TC North East"

North LAG

  • LON_N_CTR - always "AC North"
  • MAN_CTR - "PC Bandbox" - if PC East/PC West is subsequently opened then the position becomes known as the remainder of the two
  • MAN_E_CTR - always "PC East"
  • MAN_SE_CTR - always "PC Southeast"
  • MAN_NE_CTR - always "PC Northeast"
  • MAN_W_CTR - always "PC West"

West LAG

  • LON_W_CTR (126.075) - always "(AC) West"
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