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[6th/13th/20th January 1800-2100z] Gatwick Midweek Madness

Loui Ringer

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VATSIM UK is happy to invite you back to our Frequent event, held at Gatwick. 

Home to some of Europe's largest airlines, including British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, TUI, Virgin, and Noweigan - there's something for everyone. Whether you'll be doing a 30 minute hop to Jersey or an 8 hour flight from the Caribbean, you can expect nothing but the best from our air traffic controllers. Expect plenty of land-after clearances and be hard on the brakes, as Gatwick's only runway is pushed to capacity. The event will take place from 1800-2100z every Wednesday apart from the last of each month where we visit a different UK airfield, and it always proves to be a hit with pilots and ATC alike! We hope to see plenty of you joining us on the localiser.

Jersey won the feature week so Midweek Madness will be hosted at Jersey (EGJJ) on Wednesday 27th January. 

Controllers, this will be a rostered event and CTS bookings are not valid. 

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    • Loui Ringer
      By Loui Ringer
      VATSIM UK is happy to announce that we have organised a radar staff up for the UK, to be held on Saturday 23rd January from 1400z to 1800z.
      We are looking for a new twitter background and we need your help! Our aim is to have as many radar positions on in the UK as possible, then grab a screenshot for the background.
      Come along and enjoy all of our radar units online for the afternoon. 
    • Alex Ridge
      By Alex Ridge
      Hi guys,
      Just wanted to write a big thank you to the event organisers and controllers yesterday.
      The quality of control from all the London sectors and aerodrome controlelrs was really superb. Really proud to be part of this divison.
      Although I had the good ol' TOGA P3d Crash as I experienced windshear on final approach which ended the flight prematurely, I had a fantastic time on the arrival (KLM10QM).
      Thank you again to the excellent controllers.
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