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Updated ICAO.txt file

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Trevor Hannant

Hi all.

This evening, there were (as expected!) a few 747s (and a non-747!) headed into St Athan.   The route draw on these aircraft still has them heading to Sheffield due to outdated data in the root Euroscope folder.  

In order to remedy this, update the icao.txt file in your Documents/Euroscope/DataFiles folder (NOT in your UK/data folder!) and change the EGSY line to the following:

EGSY    51.4047220    -3.4358330    ST ATHAN

I would have uploaded a full file for it but it's over forum attachment limit size...


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Harry Sugden
Update Nav Data for EuroScope (originally courtesy of Adam Turner) The AeroNav AIRAC packages contain up to date files for ICAO_Aircraft, ICAO_Airports and ICAO_Airline, as well as navdata. Adam usually uses the EDFF_FULL package, available from http://files.aero-nav.com/EDXX
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