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event - overload [26th September] South West Overload - (Almost)LIVE

Dan Bishop-Adams

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Dan Bishop-Adams

South West based VA Severnair, in collaboration with VATSIM UK, are proud to present "South West Overload - (Almost) LIVE".


Our original plan was that over the weekend of 25th, 26th & 27th September, ATC services at Bristol, Cardiff (Radar only), Exeter, Newquay & Jersey would have been coming live from a conference room in Weston-Super-Mare providing a seamless service to all flying to, from and over the South West of the UK. However, due to recent changes in legislation which prevent us from meeting up (there's more than 6 of us!) our plans have had to be altered yet again.

Therefore, the event will now run for one day - Saturday 26th September, 1100z until 2100z. The same rule applies and ATC services will be provided solely by the usual attendees of our event. 

For those who remember our event in May - it will run much the same way. We look forward to seeing you on the scopes!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I book a controlling slot to help?

A: Feel free to open one of the other South West airfields during event hours (Gloucester, Guernsey, Alderney or any of the other smaller airfields). Otherwise, ATC services will be provided solely by our group. If there is a last minute change in circumstances and not all aerodromes can be covered by us, we’ll make an announcement accordingly and open those positions to others. Keep an eye on this thread.


Q: Can I control here outside of the event?

A: These restrictions are only in place during the event's opening hours (1100z-2100z) for the airfields being manned - feel free to jump on elsewhere in the South West or on these airfields before or after these hours to either generate traffic for the start of the event, or "tidy up" the traffic that's still around as the team log off.


Q: When will the slots be released?

A: There are no slots for this event, just turn up and fly!


Q: Who are Severnair? 

A: Severnair is a VA that has it's base in the South West of England. Severnair members have organised or been involved with the running of displays at the FSC Weston event in Weston-Super-Mare, and more recently a private venue for over ten years, including the VATSIM controlling positions. 


Q: What happened to the usual event?

A: Due to national restrictions as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, our weekend event in May was postponed and we ran a one day ‘Southwest Lockdown’ event on Saturday 9th May from our respective homes. As restrictions have began easing, we did re-organise our event for the weekend of 25th/26th/27th September. However, legislation changed again and has led us to run the event in a similar way as we did in May.



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Dan Bishop-Adams

UPDATE: We have agreed to drop Cardiff as an event airfield, however Cardiff Radar will remain an event position due to the coordination required with Bristol.

If anyone else wishes to open Cardiff Tower then feel free.

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