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Using Euroscope VCCS Intercom

William Sandford

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William Sandford

I was taught how to do this myself a few days ago, and think that it's an amazing feature which would be nice to see more widespread use of it. It provides an alternative to teamspeak for coordination, acting as a direct phone line between controllers. To use it, you'll first need the Euroscope Beta. See instructions for installing that see below. 

Installing the Euroscope Beta

Visit euroscope.hu, and navigate to Beta Versions > Download Latest Beta Version. Note that this is not a fresh installer, and you will need the latest stable euroscope version installed first. Extract the zip you download, and move the files into your Euroscope install directory (mine was C:\Program Files (x86)\EuroScope), choosing to overwrite old files. You may require administrator permissions to do so. Launch Euroscope, and you may find that you need to do a few things, for example I had to reinstall UKCP.

Using VCCS

To open VCCS, click Other SET > Open VCCS Dialogue. This will open a new window. 

Before you can start using VCCS, you have to do a little bit of set up. Click EDIT to open the settings. In the Server Name box, put "vccs.barlw.uk" (without quotes). In the Nickname box, put your VATSIM CID. The Server Port box should say 9988 as it is and won't need changing. Using the buttons to the right, set your Push To Talks. I have mine both set to Right Ctrl. At the bottom of the dialogue box, under Devices, set your Capture and Playback devices. Hit OK and you are good to go!

The VCCS window is split into two halves. On the right is the Direct Access pane, of which there are three sections. It contains a list of ATC positions. A green outline denotes that the position is online and using VCCS:


A yellow outline denotes that the position is online, but not using VCCS. See LON SC on the above picture. 

A red outline clearly shows that a position is offline.

Clicking on a position starts a call with them.


On the left side of the window is the control pane. A few of these buttons when clicked say that they are not modelled yet, however a few are functional.


The Direct Access buttons can be used to switch page on the Direct Access pane.

The Mute button mutes the call, not yourself.

Ring Off can be clicked to stop the ringing tone when somebody calls you.

End simply ends the current call, and

Test is very self explanatory 😉


That's all, folks! I hope that use of this feature can become slightly more widespread. Big thanks to our very own @George Barlow for maintaining the teamspeak server we use for VCCS!

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Rehman Khan

Hey I wish to get the vccs on my old tablet so i can navigate around easier an quicker is this possible? if yes how...?

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Archie Middlefell
4 minutes ago, Rehman Khan said:

Hey I wish to get the vccs on my old tablet so i can navigate around easier an quicker is this possible? if yes how...?

I think the easiest way to do that would be to install a 'shared desktop' app of some sort that mirrors your monitor to your tablet. Windows has a built in remove desktop function 

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