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Loui Ringer

event - overload [8th August, 1100z-2000z] Live not from Live!

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Loui Ringer


VATSIM UK is pleased to announce an alternative to our usual Live! event, held in Birmingham.

As announced in this forum post, the Live! organising team postponed this years two day event in Birmingham due to Coronavirus. 

We have been working to bring you "Not Live from Live!" 

Join us for ATC across the UK on Saturday 8th August from 1100z to 2000z

An activity for controllers taking part will be held after the event, more details will follow. 


To ensure that everyone gets their fair share of bookings, we have imposed a booking restriction of 1 hour 30 minutes on the following airports:

  • Manchester
  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick

To book a slot, please click on the event in the CTS (the red box) then select which slot you would like. There is currently no restriction on how many slots you can hold throughout the day so please be courteous to everyone else - if excessive bookings become an issue then I will review it as necessary. 

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Loui Ringer

We are aware that there appears to be an issue with the booking system for this day, please be patient and follow this thread for any updates 🙂

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    • Alex Ridge
      By Alex Ridge
      Hi guys,
      Just wanted to write a big thank you to the event organisers and controllers yesterday.
      The quality of control from all the London sectors and aerodrome controlelrs was really superb. Really proud to be part of this divison.
      Although I had the good ol' TOGA P3d Crash as I experienced windshear on final approach which ended the flight prematurely, I had a fantastic time on the arrival (KLM10QM).
      Thank you again to the excellent controllers.
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