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atc-discussion Not Hearing Controllers

Matthew Whitmore

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Matthew Whitmore


I have been observing for about three weeks and everything has worked fine with no issues but in the past couple of days I can't hear any of the controllers talking, only the pilots. Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Stuart Duncan

Hello Matthew.

More info needed.

Are you observing in Euroscope, or are you observing in a flight sim using a pilot client?  If the latter, which sim/client, and where are you parked and which controllers are you trying to listen to?

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Matthew Whitmore

Hi Stuart, thanks for your reply.

I am observing on euroscope at heathrow tower (although it is the same on all frequency's). I can hear traffic fine, it is just the controllers I can't hear.


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Stuart Duncan

When you connect to observe, try typing:

.vis EGLL

followed by enter to see if that resolves your issue.


Your issue does sound slightly familiar - have a look through these forums to see if there's an answer.


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      When there is a mentoring session for TWR or APP, it is not obvious that controllers below are required to close so that the session can be fully top down. (Is this so in every case ?). I think that a proper closure procedure should be used, for example :
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      Hi all.
      Can I please remind people about courtesy on the above ATC position.
      Please use a bit of common sense and see if the person on EGCC_N_TWR is running the airport on duel runway ops before anything else and even if they are, please ask if they are ok with you going onto South Tower. Reason being is you logging on this position takes pretty much all work off of North Tower and they may not want that.
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