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Daniel Coppin

atc-training How to start getting lessons to be a controller.

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Daniel Coppin

I was wondering if I needed to request to be put on the waiting list to become a new controller and everything I would need to do.

I have to no moodles or any tests. Please can I get some help or guidance to becoming a controller.


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Fergus Walsh

Hi Daniel,

The OBS -> S1 process is explained on our website. If you have any issues with the CT System, or need any extra help getting setup, please let us know!

The next stage is to attend an Introduction to ATC Seminar (OBS_PT1). We usually run a Seminar every month and at varying times to allow as many people to attend as possible. The next Seminar hasn't been scheduled yet. Once you are eligible to attend a Seminar, you will be emailed with joining instructions on how to attend.
All the best,


@Daniel Coppin

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Daniel Coppin

Ok thanks I guess when you click on login to the Central Training System that's where I will see available ones

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Paul Robson

I think you've done the required bit as you're on this forum.

There are videos on youtube, material to read, and you can connect as an Observer prior to this and watch controllers on Euroscope and/or a Flight Simulator. Might be fun to do both at the same time :) No harm in getting ahead of the game a bit ;-)

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