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Gatwick Madness

Tony Viall

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I have got to pass on my thanks to all the controllers on tonight's Gatwick Midweek Madness. I have only been using Vatsim for a couple of weeks but I am absolutely blown away by the professionalism of everyone, especially the ATC. I thought I would take a quick flight from EGCC to EGKK on N390GM but diverted off the EGKA when I heard there was a 50 minute delay. I could see how incredibly busy the airway was as I flew underneath everyone so I quickly bowed out before my inexperience showed itself. Well done all.

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Michael Boyd

I'd like to second the above post (in fact, think I may have heard @Tony Viall diverting to EGKA just as I was approaching the WILLO hold). 

Was my first time flying into Gatwick Midweek. Even though it was busy, all seemed calm and under control. Controllers all did a great job - thanks, and look forward to flying in again some time.

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    • Craig Tomkins
      By Craig Tomkins
      Just a massive thank you and well done to the poeple that organised the Aberdeen event today. I have been around this network for a long time. Today's event was......epic! 
      I have never seen so many helis on the network, the controllers where on point and the whole thing seemed to go swimmingly. Hopefully, this will become a regular thing. 
      Well done again and thank you
    • Jack Beckett
      By Jack Beckett
      Hello Vat simmers!
      Today i was doing my normal flight then BAM my right engine has a flame out. I just wanted to give special feedback to Glyn Harding (Jersey tower) for dealing with me and doing an outstanding job at Jersey when things where deer. Very well done to him and Callum Axon (London West) for helping me land this bird. 
      From Jack 
    • Michael MacNamee
      By Michael MacNamee
      Great event guys. Well managed with good humour, professionalism  and patience. Thanks. I will be a repeat visitor. 
      Kind regards 
      Michael MacNamee
    • Simon Howroyd
      By Simon Howroyd
      Keen to follow real world ops and wondering why on Vatsim, EGLL has been doing dual runway ops lately when in real world they are doing singles, at least whenever I have been flying that's the case.
      I am assuming because Vatsim is ironically busier than real life at the moment, but curious to know for sure.
      Cheers, stay safe
    • Darragh ODonoghue
      By Darragh ODonoghue
      I was flying through London airspace on a few legs this evening and ended up on @Matthew Burton's control frequency a few times. He was on the ball the whole time despite the airspace being continuously busy. Was thoroughly impressed!
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