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Layth Al-Wakil

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Layth Al-Wakil


Departing and arriving pilots will all request the latest airfield and weather information on first contact.

Inbound pilots make this request roughly 50nm away from LXGB using their com2 however, if they are unable to do this, they can ask Sevilla Radar to allow them to switch frequencies momentarily to get the weather information from Tower.

Gibraltar does not have many approach types on offer, the three approaches available are:

  • RNAV to visual
  • Surveillance Radar Approach (SRA)
  • Visual approach

As this is a non-precision evening there is likely to be more emphasis on the SRA, this will involve 2 separate controllers with 1 being there simply just to do the final segment of the approach, the controller can only have 1 aircraft on frequency. As you can imagine this is going to most likely lead to holding and delays so bring plenty of fuel extra and make sure you have charts for the aerodrome that will provide you with more information.

For free and up to date charts you can check out the Military AIP

There is an old Pilot brief that I wrote with much of the information that still applies to this date, this can be found here.


This briefing is split up according to each of the positions and what their responsibility will be:

LXGB_R_APP “Gibraltar Radar”

The main responsibiites are:

  •  Identification and Control of outbound IFR aircraft f
  • Identification and Control of inbound IFR aircraft until they are transferred to Talkdown or Aerodrome Control.
  • Provision of a service to VFR inbound and outbound aircraft.
  • Provision of a service to overflying traffic.
  • Control of aircraft in emergency.

Transfer of aircraft to Talkdown will be accompanied by a radar handover each time with aircraft descending to 1500ft.

LXGB_P_APP “Gibraltar Talkdown”

Talkdowns’ primary objective is to provide the SRA and thus is only allowed to have 1 aircraft on frequency at all times.

The SRA crib sheet that I created a little while ago is still in date and can be used fully for the procedure. Also bear in mind that you will be giving SRAs for both civilian and military aircraft on differing tracks.

The only pieces of co-ordination required are obtaining a landing clearance from tower and also informing radar of when the controller is free to receive another aircraft with the phrase “talkdown free”


LXGB_TWR “Gibraltar Tower”

In the absence of ground, Tower is to take the responsibilities from airway clearance all the way through to take-off clearance. The IFR clearance for each aircraft is to be sought from Sevilla Radar (LECS_CTR) who will provide the initial routing, cleared level, SSR code and any other instruction.

Once the aircraft has pushed back a release must also be sought from Radar who will ask Sevilla for a release and any after departure instructions which must be relayed on to the pilot even if it is just re-confirming the clearance.

Weather information must also be passed to inbound and outbound pilots via Tower, you effectively read them the METAR and active runway, if the aircraft is military you also pass the colour code.

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Departure Release
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Jacob Edwards

To tag onto Layth's hard work with the procedures, I have developed a new and updated 'Gibraltar Controller Pack' to integrate with the UK controller pack. Thanks to @Lee Roberts, @Scott Daniels and @Layth Al-Wakil.




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Layth Al-Wakil

Thanks for the great event guys! Top job from all the controllers and special thanks to @Jacob Edwards @Lee Roberts and @Scott Daniels for the controller pack that worked perfectly for the event. Also special mention to @Oscar Berenguer for putting up with us and our wacky co-ordination ?

PS. Sorry for all the holding ?

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