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atc-discussion Routing Discrepancy

Angus McKenzie

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Angus McKenzie

G'day all.

Not sure if this is an issue with install or the nav data for Euroscope, but for every flight plan I look at or draw on Euroscope as any position, it is never able to figure out the route number and just puts people direct to the next waypoint that is written in their flight plan. Example of route vs what ES pulls out of it below.


Any help to fix this issue appreciated. 

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Nick Marinov

I am not too sure if it would be this, but have you tried updating your Euroscope nav data? If you have a navigraph subscription, you can download the FSNavigator files from there and put them in Documents\EuroScope\DataFiles

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Angus McKenzie

Hi Nick,

Yeah, my bad. I had my FSNav updated for my VATPAC Euroscope, but failed to realise that doesn't flow over to my UK FSNav. However, I don't appear to have a Datafiles folder anywhere to install it into.


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Nick Marinov

I think that if you create it manually it will work, like this, but if someone knows for sure that Im wrong, please correct me!


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Angus McKenzie
Posted (edited)

I’ll give it a go when I next get the chance. Thanks guys. 


Update: After scrolling through Euroscopes log, it was trying to pull those files from the wrong folder. Moved them there and all fixed. 

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Peter Mooney
On 23/05/2020 at 11:28, Nick Marinov said:

I am not too sure if it would be this, but have you tried updating your Euroscope nav data? If you have a navigraph subscription, you can download the FSNavigator files from there and put them in Documents\EuroScope\DataFiles

I need to update my nav data, but I don't have a Navigraph subscription, is there a free source for the data or do I need to get a subscription? I thought there used to be a free one somewhere, but can't find it anymore.

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