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My FSX Screenshots

Alexander Naughton

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Alexander Naughton

I noticed that some people don't like other people creating multiple threads for their screenshots, so I have created this one thread, where I will post all of my screenshots.

Here are the first, from Innsbruck to Heathrow:

On the ground at Innsbruck: https://prnt.sc/qi5li6

Climbing out of the valley: https://prnt.sc/qi5txd

FL380: https://prnt.sc/qi5xkz

Just entering France: https://prnt.sc/qi60k3

Descending into London: https://prnt.sc/qi6cnw

First sight of London: https://prnt.sc/qi6dz4

Down: https://prnt.sc/qi6hbv

Deboarding at Heathrow: https://prnt.sc/qi6jff

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