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Matthew Charman

atc-training Looking to Return - What do?

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Matthew Charman

Hey Everyone!


Long time no see!  Looking to make a come back to the vatsim world (especially with the hopefully great voice update) and was wondering whats the best way to start again.  I was only an S1 that was partway through S2 Tower training when I took my leave the last time.   


I assume the best course of action would be to start again as there are undoubtedly going to be some major changes as well as old knowledge that needs refreshed?

See y'all around!

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Adam Farquharson

I would say just log on ground positions and just start getting used to it again. There will definitely be some changes so make sure the have the most recent sector file and have a quick look through the vmats and the crib sheet of where you are controlling before logging on and then you should be good to go!

If you are looking to start s2 training again then maybe worth getting yourself onto the waiting list which you can do by opening a ticket but if I were you I would defer any training places you are offered until you feel confident that you can control ground again. Probably won't take long but depending on how long you've been away it will probably take you a few sessions to get back into the rythm of things and to get used to any new procedures.

Enjoy your controlling and most likely see you on the network 🙂

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Matthew Charman

Sounds like the best plan!  Have just been setting up and re-configuring euroscope with the sector files and whatnot.    Defo will take a few sessions to get used to it again and make sure I'm doing it all correct, been about 3 years I believe!

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