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Edward Berkley

atc-discussion ATIS setup enquiry

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Edward Berkley

Hello all,

When setting up an atis, I like to add additional information such as: "Delivery is closed" etc. However, whenever a new atis is updated, the information resets itself, removing my addition information and the only way I see of doing it is to re-add the information every time a new atis is updated. Is there a better way of doing this?



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Luke Brown

Add the variable in the ATISMaker URL, rather than the big text boxes,

bits at the end such as &delclosed or &depcont=123.9 will work

A list of all the available phrases are available from http://www.uniatis.net/atis_display.php?type=custom&icao=EGZZ

note that’s the custom phrases available to all airfields in the UK, some have extra specific ones, again available from the same site.

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Eric Liu

If you visit the UniATIS website and click on "custom" next to the aerodrome you are controlling, any line that starts with url are options that can be added to your ATIS.

So for Gatwick, if this is your ATIS maker link:


You can add options by using an ampersand (&) then the option name, so for delivery is closed, you would append &delclosed to the end of the link; example:


If LVPs are in force, you can add &lvp to the end of the link, and so on.

Replace this as your ATIS maker URL in Euroscope (see below), then click Test URL to regenerate the ATIS immediately, and that should remain for any new ATIS updates. If you need to add/remove things, change the URL as necessary and click Test URL to force the change.

Hope this helps!



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Edward Berkley

Thanks guys! That was very helpful. I'll try that in the near-time future!

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