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Steve Riley

atc-discussion EGBB new SID airac 1906 ES sector file

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Steve Riley

It has been noticed recently that many new controllers and maybe some older members have been coming to BB to control and not having the updated Sector files that contain the new AIRAC 1906 SIDs.

Can I suggest that if members want to control at an airfield that they make sure they have the most up to date information to make the pilots and the controllers experience more enjoyable.

I know for pilots the new AIRACs are at a cost to them but for controllers is a free download and 5-10 mins to update to a new screen. 

If I want to control at another airfield I would make sure I had the correct up to date  information 


I have for your information added the link to the sector file page.


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Michael Pike

I still hope one day we can get the UK Controller Pack in line with the automatic update system in ES. Then Ops can push new sectorfiles every month and rid us of this problem.

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