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Chris Pawley

Upcoming AIRAC - 1909

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Chris Pawley


We are already within the next 28 day sprint to add as many new features, updates and bug fixes to the UK Sector File. I'm using the standard workflow of previous releases:

Timeline: (AIRAC +28 means the AIRAC change is 28 days from this moment in our timeline)

✔️AIRAC +28 I will take care of downloading the AIRAC change documents to our local google drive folder (for correct linking in issues) (It is done, located here)

✔️AIRAC +28 -> AIRAC +22 - we take some time to scan through changes proposed from AIP - make issues in Github tagged to 1909 Milestone and ensure that nothing gets missed and linked to the documents from the first step. This is now completed as far as I can find.

[Behind the scenes, I will identify all the other tasks generated by this AIRAC change (non-sector file related) and create a working list of these for me and other members to work on.]

AIRAC +22 -> AIRAC +10 - The Sector File team (you!) complete outstanding issues

AIRAC +8 -> AIRAC +6 - I'll build a DEV version of sector file generated and shared for testing of big or complex changes (and provide the link  here)

[Behind the scenes, the controller pack is also updated in this time]

Approx AIRAC +4 Development Freeze - after this time I like to start packaging things for download.

Approx AIRAC +2 Release versions of SCT/ESE etc. build and double checked


Approx AIRAC +1 Forum Posts Updated, Download links Updated, Euroscope's Automated Download Tool Updated


As we go through these stages, I'll update this post to show what we're all working on right now.

As ever, if you want to contribute, please do! Find our repo at www.github.com/vatsim-uk/uk-sector-file (especially checkout the contribution guide) and our slack channel #ops_uk_sectorfile

If you have questions, find me on Slack or in the Helpdesk.

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