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    • John Pettit
      By John Pettit
      I occasionally use the built-in <Flight Planner> within P3Dv4.5 so that I can load a flight into my 'old' Carenado PA31 Navajo (only way toload a route into the modelled Garmin 530 GPS).
      I noticed that all leg distances in the <Flight Log> are given in kilometres - why?
      In <General Settings> I have checked the <Hybrid> box, so should get feet,hectopascals (millibars to us old 'uns), and I would have thought, nautical miles (I do everywhere else in P3D). I have checked everywhere I can think of within <Flight Planner> and elsewhere within P3D but cannot find any way of changing these units.
      Anyone got any ideas?
    • John Pettit
      By John Pettit
      When controlling a TWR position (OK - Air!) the other day I had one aircraft whose TAG kept disappearing the reappearing at varying intervals up to 30 seconds. Enquiring from the pilot I was told that he kept getting the message:
      "Client authentication response time-out"
      He was resident in the Gulf region and told me he often got this message and the interrupted connection. Digging a bit deeper after he had left I was told that this was common in the Gulf region and was due to (relatively) poor internet connectivity. Perhaps someon in the know could confirm this?
    • Nigel Radley
      By Nigel Radley
      So sorry if this is a repeated topic.
      I'm trying to use vPilot and everything works well until I try to connect to a frequency. I simply can't get the frequency in the top RHS to either change to blue, or show either of the tx/rx indicators. Everything else appears to be working, and I've tried everything I can reasonably think of to get this to work:
      FSX SP2 running on Win8 Latest version of vP Running vP and FSX both as admin Port 3280 forwarded on router (I think!) All audio devices running correctly and calibrated Firewall switched off Connected to VATSIM and showing voice server confirmation in vP text The odd thing is I can receive ATIS voice messages OK. Any help would be very gratefully received!

    • Alejandro Doblado
      By Alejandro Doblado
      hi,to everyone i have a issue with vpilot since yesterday night,in my vpilot screen appears an error that say:ERROR CONNECTING TO VOICE SERVER:THE REQUEST TIMED-OUT every 3 seconds since i connected and if i have atc services i cant hear anyone only can text,Im using the 2.4.0 version of vpilot,help me please,thanks.
    • Connor Faulder
      By Connor Faulder
      For anyone that isn't aware, there've been some excellent community-based updates to VAT-Spy data appearing in this forum thread for the last year, but Christoph Reule has now decided to conclude this given AccuMap's development.
      However, for those who prefer the ultra-light nature of VAT-Spy, a team at VATCAR have now started producing regular updates:
      Updated 2020 - Now hosted under the VATSIM Network GitHub
      New link: https://github.com/vatsimnetwork/vatspy-data-project
      Project: http://vatspy.vatcar.org/
      Files on GitHub: https://github.com/VATCAR/VAT-Spy-Client-Data-Update-Project 
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