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    • Stephen Simpson
      By Stephen Simpson
      Hi folks, may be a silly question but is there a replacement sound anywhere for the unicom text service. Was concentrating on circuit work earlier and someone typed in unicom and I nearly jumped off my chair.
    • Izuchukwu Nnagozie
      By Izuchukwu Nnagozie
      Please who know the solution to it cause it's really annoying 2 minutes from when I login the error pops up
      Unfortunatly enough it's when the new codec has been realized I never had this problem till the new codec was realized 😭😭
      please se if you know how to fix it don't hesitate to help out 
    • Peter Dodds
      By Peter Dodds
      I recently switched from FSInn to vPilot and discovered that the model matching for the FSX family only looks in Simobjects\Airplanes.
      It should also look in Simobjects\Rotorcraft. Then I wouldn't see hovering 747s on the taxiways!
    • Kieran Samuel Cross
      By Kieran Samuel Cross
      --PLS DELETE--
    • Jay Williams
      By Jay Williams
      Is there a way to stop VAT-Spy minimizing to the system tray?
      Thanks in advance
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