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Tyler Sexton

real world Brussels Airlines

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Tyler Sexton

Today I had someone arrive at Manchester using the C/S BEL2183. Euroscope interpreted that C/S as Belair, Wikipedia says Beeline, Pilot says Brussels. Lol so I am looking for further guidance as to which is the correct one. Thank you in advance for any information.

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Stuart Duncan

Unless there's been any recent callsign change similar to TCX and TOM, then it's Beeline.

To change in ES, type  .callsign Beeline and click on the BEL tag.

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Luke Brown

I have asked @Chris Pawley to include the updated ICAO_Airlines, airway, _Aircraft and _Airport text files from http://gng.aero-nav.com/ in the sector file and controller pack downloads in the past.

This would update all callsigns to match the current version, add newer aircraft codes B78X, A35K etc as well.

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Michael Pike

Thanks for the link Luke.

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