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    • Loui Ringer
      By Loui Ringer
      The FlightSims Bests team are going to be doing another groupflight from Gatwick to Ibiza or Palma (LPMA) on Sunday 23rd. They are expecting their members to fly the return, ATC would be appreciated from 1100z. 
      Thank you
    • Eleuterio Ramos
      By Eleuterio Ramos
      Hello Team
      VIRTUAL NATO (www.virtualnato.org) would like to invite YOU to a small event organised, the vNATO Flypast 2019 at the Royal International Air Tatoo 2019 by 19th, 20th, 21st of July 2019 at RAF Fairford EGVA.
      We are looking to do an event at EGVA RAF Fairford and I was told to get in touch here and with a military ATC controller to discuss the possibility to control the airport for this event as it may come multiple VSOAS.

      ATC required: preferably GND TWR APP 

      The event in question is the RIAT 2019 NATO flypast 2019 at RAF Fairford on 19th, 20th and 21st of July 2019
    • Alex J Meijer
      By Alex J Meijer
      I do like to participate in the CTP EGPH to KPHL. But is there scenery for KPHL?
      best regards
    • Jonas Kuster
      By Jonas Kuster
      Michael Kühne will do his Radar CPT+ on Swiss Radar to earn his C3 rating.
      Fly through his airspace and give him some traffic.
      Good luck, Michael!
    • Bruno Audoux
      By Bruno Audoux
      18 August starting at 19:00z, it's time for Marcus to earn his S3 rating.
      For this we need your help with traffic throughout the evening. Take your favorite aircraft for a flight in French airspace, whether it's VFR or IFR join in for Marcus's challenge.
      Charts available here

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