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Magnus Meese

discussion Oceanic Guide

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Magnus Meese

Please don't leave the oceanic guide as a PDF in the file library. When you're on EGGX and must help a pilot figure out what the hell this oceanic magic is, a quick and easy link with no hurdles other than reading the guide itself reduces the odds of the pilot's head imploding with the result of radio silence or disconnects. Don't underestimate the impact of navigating a few subfolders in a file library when you're already feeling dumb and stressed, as opposed to recieving the direct link to a web page which has all you need.


PS, semi related: I can understand the logic behind using the home page like a profile page, but I still prefer a traditional home page with relevant news, events, online controllers, quick links, etc. A stats page (or if not logged in, a JOIN US! page) has its use, but I believe the top menu bar should be the go-to for full site navigation, not the first instance for the most common and usefull site usages. Again, I think this is directly linked to the odds of new members spending five seconds looking at the Area Sectorisation map and other useful things. Other than these two pet peeves, the VatUK website has become really one of the best built sites on the network in terms of look, function and content.

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Daniel Crookes

Hi @Magnus Meese, will ensure that a link to our Oceanic Procedures document is added to the oceanic page on our website.

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Trevor Hannant
On 23/05/2019 at 23:01, Daniel Crookes said:

Hi @Magnus Meese, will ensure that a link to our Oceanic Procedures document is added to the oceanic page on our website.

@Daniel Crookes - still a link to the main downloads page, not the document...

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      Hi all
      Just like to say well done to all the controllers tonight for another fantastic Mid Week Gatwick event, really enjoyed the short flight from EGHQ .... although I did scare the TMA controller who thought I was holding wrong when infact the Aerosoft A330 flew it correctly which was  parallel entry into the hold. They must have improved the Holds in the latest patch lol ....can't wait till the next event.
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      Posting this as I can't use the feedback form (requires individual CID and the controllers are all offline now).
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      Hope you are well.
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