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    • Derek Waldron
      By Derek Waldron
      Hi Guys
      I'm a newcomer to VATSim and can't convey how fascinating I find it, and how much more it brings to flight simulator use.  But I am struggling to work out how to get the best out of it for the flights I am currently doing, and would welcome some advice.
      I appreciate that ATC coverage is not going to be 100%, and that's fine, but from my limited experience it appears that the best interaction with a controller comes from setting up a flight that terminates in 'controlled' airspace to land at an airport that has ATC coverage.
      At the moment my flights tend to be in private jets, so I guess would be considered GA, but they are capable of flying way above normal GA airspace.  I was wondering what the protocol is for such a flight, taking off from an uncontrolled field, transitioning through a controller's area and then landing, perhaps at another uncontrolled airport.  Is it a case of using the unicom frequency when taking off and landing to announce intentions, and as a courtesy contacting the controller on the appropriate frequency when entering their airspace, or is there something else I should be doing?
    • Glen Coyne
      By Glen Coyne
      I notice part of the Farnborough CTR is designated Blackbushe Local Flying Area, what is the significance of this when flying circuits at Blackbushe.
    • Luke Hall
      By Luke Hall
      I'm wondering, with so many around the globe stuck at home self-isolating (working, cough) are we likely to see an increase in controllers and pilots online?

      What's the general consensus?
    • Brian Summers
      By Brian Summers
      How do I join the Midlands Club? (Or am I missing something obvious)
    • John Park
      By John Park
      Are there any rules about using audio instead of text on UNICOM? I tried to use it when landing at EGPF today only to be ridiculed by two pilots on the ground there.
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