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    • Fraser Cooper
      By Fraser Cooper
      Hello all,
      If you haven't already, please take a look at the below .net forum post relating to the new Code of Conduct which became effective as of today.
      The New Code of Conduct can be found here - https://vats.im/coc
    • Marco Fortin-Metzgen
      By Marco Fortin-Metzgen
      Could someone enlighten me as why some of my flights are not appearing in "My Statistics" report. Today I was connected to Vatsim via vPilot, filed a valid Flight Plan and established contact with LONDON_CTR and later with EGGD Ground.  I can also confirm that Mode C was set and IDENTed.
      This is the third time that happens, so I'm wondering if it is my doing or not.
      Thank you for your comments.
    • Paul Dean
      By Paul Dean
      Hi,  I plan to have Moncton low open EVERY night  23:00z from the 11/3/19 for at least 1hr depending upon traffic.
      I will be covering CYQM, CYFC, CYSJ, CYYG and a few surrounding uncontrolled airports up to FL280.
      Any night owls who fancy trying Canadian airspace are welcome to join me.
      P. D.
    • Timothy Fraser
      By Timothy Fraser
      As I'm new to vatsim, I was wondering if we had to book a slot for the Hannover fly in, or can we just log in and submit our flight plan? Thanks in advance. 
    • Matthew Christopher
      By Matthew Christopher
      I haven't been on the Teamspeak all that recently but I've noticed that only icons for the controller ratings are shown. Are there any plans to show the icon for the highest P_ rating next to the S_ rating badge?
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