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    • Bruno Audoux
      By Bruno Audoux
      You are invited to fly VFR or IFR in France when Bernard  will be taking his CPT on Bordeaux Centre in order to gain his C1 qualification.

      You can fly from anywhere to anywhere, you can plan to depart or arrive, or simply fly over towards other destinations... what we are willing is to darken the skies between 19 and 21:00 Zulu to challenge him.
      Check the booking here
      Pilots Briefing: here
    • Alex Ridge
      By Alex Ridge
      Hi guys,
      Just wanted to write a big thank you to the event organisers and controllers yesterday.
      The quality of control from all the London sectors and aerodrome controlelrs was really superb. Really proud to be part of this divison.
      Although I had the good ol' TOGA P3d Crash as I experienced windshear on final approach which ended the flight prematurely, I had a fantastic time on the arrival (KLM10QM).
      Thank you again to the excellent controllers.
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