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Loui Ringer

event - overload [17th (1800-2130z), 18th (0800-2000z) & 19th (0800z-1600z) May] South West Overload

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Loui Ringer

South West UK based VA Severnair, in collaboration with VATSIM UK, are once again proud to present "South West Overload".

Over the weekend of 17th - 19th May, ATC services at Bristol, Cardiff, Jersey and Newquay will be coming live from a conference room in Weston-Super-Mare providing a seamless service to all flying to, from and over the South West of the UK. For this event, as with previous years, all controlling at these four airfields will only be conducted from the event itself by the Overload Event team only.

We look forward to seeing you on our scopes!


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Bill Casey

Of course, control at all the other airfields in the SW and French Islands are available all weekend for anyone else who wants to play.

I *think* this our 10th year of this event although it has its real roots in @Mike Dean's parents hotel not long after the war.

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Joe Burberry

Wow Mike Dean there's a blast from the past!

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