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Harry Sugden

atc-discussion The end of the spreadsheet?

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Harry Sugden

I'm sure that many have seen, but for those that haven't: https://www.nats.aero/news/aireon-system-goes-live/

Perhaps we might be justified in using VATSIM's 'radar' to control Shanwick now, with separation requirements to one day reduce... or at the very least, perhaps this marks the beginning of the end of the Google Sheets Shanwick? 😄 

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Fraser Cooper

This is well overdue. The Shanwick operation currently is so outdated and this technology, you would think, has been around for years. Glad to see this finally being introduced.

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Morten Jelle

With todays technology it makes perfect sense. I wonder if the ranges on VATSIM can cope with this using different vis points - and will position reports still be necessary when the trial is over? 

So many questions is coming now!

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      Hello all,
      Since the enrollment of the dedicated VCCS server, there have been various issues regarding connection, general calling and also the sound that alerts you of an incoming call. I thought I would take the time to address these issues and supply a possible fix.
      Connection issues to the server & General calling
      Many have faced this issue and the reason behind many of you getting a 1797 issue is due to the revision of Euroscope you are on. The most current beta released is r19, which can be downloaded here: http://www.euroscope.hu/installbeta/EuroScopeBeta32a19.zip All of the contents in this .zip file should be moved to your main Euroscope directory (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\EuroScope), please note that this will require you to overwrite existing files in the directory - a backup of your Euroscope folder should be made before transferring the files.
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      I'm not sure if someone else has made this before but I made a diagram of every single EGCC SID, all in one image. 
      Thought it was a fun project to do. Obviously, this won't last forever as there could be a SID change. 
      This could help pilots and controllers who may be unfamiliar with Manchester or just need a bit of a recall.
      If there's anything that I may have missed out or incorrectly drew on the diagram, let me know.

    • Trevor Hannant
      By Trevor Hannant
      After yesterday's CTP and the larger burden placed on SCO_E than SCO_W/SCO_WD, is the next few months perhaps an opportunity to look at a better division of the airspace for high volume traffic events such as this and others that utilise Amsterdam etc (e.g. Boston-Amsterdam link)?   While Harry logged on as Hebrides for a short while to relieve the pressure on Gregg, there isn't a specific split for that, or indeed any of the others.  Would it be worth considering the following splits being available should the need arise:
      SCO_N: Hebrides & Moray
      SCO_E: Tyne, Humber & Montrose
      SCO_W: Deancross, Rathlin & Central

      The current splits could be retained for when things only need to be split in two, plus STC remaining for the ScTMA.
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      Hello All,
      This post contains some useful information for CTP Westbound 2019
      Note: SCO3 is a third split of Scottish; ideally we would open "West" and "DCS+Rathlin Combined" but there is no way to do so within the sector file. Maybe the best third position is DCS but it depends on the support below. We leave it for controllers to decide.
      Traffic Flows:
      Dublin outbounds from the South of the sector route to TIR and cross other aircraft, then leave at ERAKA. Keep below until clear of conflict.
      Traffic from Hamburg and Oslo routes East-West with a crossing of one set near TIR.
      Traffic entering from EDDH and EHAM in the TOPPA area, ENGM traffic entering at KLONN and NIVUN. Crossing over nearby SAB or similar. Gatwick outbounds routing towards Iceland also will cross over. Traffic will be on this frequency a long time - sorry for that - but not much that we can do with the shape of the sector.
      Shannon Sectors can be found here:-

      For Aircraft entering BIRD:
      For EGPX and ENSV the proc for oceanic clearances: EGPX/ENSV will send aircraft for oceanic clearance to BICC (the only one) not later than 10 mins prior the boundary (transfer of the radar label is not required). After the clearance, the aircraft will be returned to the previous EGPX/ENSV frequency. When reaching the boundary, the aircraft should be handed over to the following sectors:
      RATSU below F345 to BIRD_1_CTR (119.700)
      RATSU above F345 to BIRD_3_CTR (128.600)
      GUNPA/IPTON below F345 to BIRD_4_CTR (126.750)
      GUNPA/IPTON above F345 to BIRD_5_CTR (132.300)
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