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Alex J Meijer

event - fly-in P3D4.4. scenery KHPL

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Alex J Meijer

I do like to participate in the CTP EGPH to KPHL. But is there scenery for KPHL?


best regards



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Phillip Speer

There is free scenery at https://www.sunskyjet.com/sceneries for FS9 and FSX. According to the developer in the forums it does work in P3D (albeit with one know anomoly)  though I don't have so can't vouch for it.


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Richard Keen

I have it in P3D4 , works well but ..... every stand is marked as a cargo stand, there maybe an AFCAD somewhere that fixes it or you can do it your self using ADE .... as you can see it looks bare because of it lol

also you can get dynamic lighting for it from this site ... https://www.inibuilds.com/dynamic-lighting



Edited by Richard Keen

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