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Chris Pawley

atc-discussion Cross the Pond Westbound Information

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Chris Pawley

Hello All,

This post contains some useful information for CTP Westbound 2019



Traffic Flow:


Traffic flows outbound from EGKK and EGLL via GIBSO and ADKIK and via LAM (EGKK only)

Some high level transiting traffic from Central to West near CPT


Traffic from EGKK entering at GIBSO/ADKIK and leaving via either EVRIN or SLANY. SLANY traffic needs to cross over traffic at cruise level in the L9 airway


Traffic from EHAM and EDDH entering in the RAVLO area and leaving into Shannon near BAGSO. Crossing traffic underneath ex EGKK for Scottish and some (6 an hour) merging with mainland Europe traffic to exit at BAGSO.


Traffic ex EHAM/EDDH entering in the IBNOS delegated airspace and leaving at CPT. Underneath, LAM departures from EGKK routing via the DTY corridor, expect this area to also be busy with non-event Heathrow departures to West Coast destinations.

Shannon Sectors can be found here:-



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