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    • Simon Conway
      By Simon Conway
      It seems the smartCARS is windows only (an .exe file) which alienates mac users.
      Is it possible to supply all the necessary server details so if for example I were to use Xplane and a Mac (yes, I know!, a double whammy!!) I could use the existing XACARS application and enjoy the new (is it new?) training excercises? 🙂
      Thanks in advance,
    • Callum McLoughlin
      By Callum McLoughlin
      Hi all, can I challenge why both the head of training and manager responsible for ATC training both have a potential of holding S3 ratings? Why is it judged as appropriate for the vacancy for head of ATC training to also have a minimum of an S3 too?
      My question arises as the S stands for "student".
      Open minded, but would be interested in the justification/thought process behind this.
      Have a good weekend 🙂 
    • Jamie Paine
    • Andrew Macleod
      By Andrew Macleod
      So what’s actually happening with Slack channels now. I would have asked in what used to be discussion on slack but didn’t want to get shouted at so I came here, is there going to be any new ones? Or we keeping disciussion to the forums and using slack for minimal purposes now?
    • Andy Ford
      By Andy Ford
      How time flies! It's now been three months since we released the new VATSIM UK tower training syllabus. Since release, we've seen an increase in the number of exams coming through the system, with a strong pass rate.
      Now that we've all had time to work with the new syllabus, it's time to look towards the next iteration and improvement. Therefore, we'd like to invite mentors and students to comment on how they're finding the syllabus and any feedback that they may have.
      With any additions or improvements, we are hoping to retain the current paradigm of "if it's theory, then it's self-taught". If there's something that you've noticed students lacking with regards to theory because we haven't told them what they need and where to find it, please say and this can be added.
      On the practical side, we're interested to know if there's anything that you would want to see added to the syllabus or integrated into an existing criterion. Or perhaps there's something that could be made clearer to aid understanding?
      Once we've collected all the feedback, we'll update the syllabus and release the improved version.
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