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    • Yakov Dlougach
      By Yakov Dlougach
      Real-world EGLL AIP does not explicitly prohibit fixed-wing VFR traffic:
       However here on VATSIM VFR in the Inner zone is only allowed for helicopters. Any reasons for that?
    • Stuart Duncan
      By Stuart Duncan
      Everyone knows internet forums were invented by the Romans in the year 23BC.  Fast forward a couple of millenia and we're still using them to this day; or are we?
      Back in the day, we used to sign on to www.vatsim-uk.org/forums which through domain changes, a community emphesis and the like became what we know and love today - community.vatsim.uk.
      I'm aware the Division uses slack and have done so for quite some time.  However, I'm notincing of late more and more emphasis on and reliance of the use of Slack.
      I believe this is to the detriment of the esprit de corps of the community. Firstly, I, and many others don't use Slack, so the potential exists for information and discussion to be missed.  Secondly, I get the impression that the balance of community discussion is shifting towards Slack, leaving this very forum less active with less content and potential delegation to the position of Slack's poorer cousin.  Like I say, I'm not on Slack so potentially my impression could be wide of the mark.
      I guess what I'm saying is please can we look at the possibility of promoting the forum as the 1st port of call for community discussion and leave Slack as more of project management/task allocation platform?
    • Richard Keen
      By Richard Keen
      Hi all
      Just like to say well done to all the controllers tonight for another fantastic Mid Week Gatwick event, really enjoyed the short flight from EGHQ .... although I did scare the TMA controller who thought I was holding wrong when infact the Aerosoft A330 flew it correctly which was  parallel entry into the hold. They must have improved the Holds in the latest patch lol ....can't wait till the next event.
      Thanks again all roll on the next one

    • Joe Dobson
      By Joe Dobson
      Posting this as I can't use the feedback form (requires individual CID and the controllers are all offline now).
      Thanks for a great event. Special thanks to EGPH and EGCC controllers, MAN and Scottish Control North of Edinburgh. Bounced around EGCC, EGPH and EGPE in a KA350 and it was very good fun.
    • Alex Hodgkinson
      By Alex Hodgkinson
      Would it be possible for individual members to see all their feedback that has been written against them? Both positive and negative? 
      Reason? I believe there is a significant amount of feedback that’s not being seen by the membership probably because no-doubt each piece of feedback needs individually actioning by an individual to then be seen by the member to which it relates. If we could review our own feedback then surely we can take it upon ourselves to improve?
      I understand there will be some people who won’t want to see their negative feedback so perhaps an opt-out feature could be installed where the member won’t automatically be able to see their feedback unless it was given to them by the vatsim uk team? (As is the current process now aiui) 
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