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James van Hankins

atc-software Question about Downloading Sector Files

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James van Hankins

Hi everyone

I'm sure this has probably been answered before so apologies if there is some repetition of the topic. I've set up my ES to automatically download the UK sector file updates but I don't think it automatically installs them...

Am I supposed to do something when the file has downloaded? Would someone mind replying with a step by step style instruction so I can get it updated? :) In particular, the FRANE departures from Gatwick are missing for me so wanted to update to the correct version.

Thank you in advance!


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Connor Faulder

IIRC, ES will download UK_ZZZZ.sct 


zzzz being the AIRAC.

You can either import the new sector file inside Euroscope, or delete the old files are rename the new ones to UK.SCT etc.

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