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Timothy Fraser

pilot-discussion Hannover fly in

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Timothy Fraser

As I'm new to vatsim, I was wondering if we had to book a slot for the Hannover fly in, or can we just log in and submit our flight plan? Thanks in advance. 

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Stuart Duncan

Just fly to/from Hannover as you please.   No booking required.

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      I haven't been on the Teamspeak all that recently but I've noticed that only icons for the controller ratings are shown. Are there any plans to show the icon for the highest P_ rating next to the S_ rating badge?
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      By Stephen Simpson
      Morning all,
      Looking for clarification on when to position report when in flight on Unicom.  I thought that it would be common courtesy to post on Unicom periodically ones position especially when ascending or descending or crossing to a new FIR.  Was mentioned to me this morning that I was reporting too much.  Been a member for 15 years and this is the first time this has been mentioned to me.
      Welcome clarification.
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      So recently I've been toying with the idea of getting my hands on some corporate jet aircraft, just to mix things up with. My research has told me that Carenado seem to be the leaders when it comes to making the smaller biz-jets, but they lack somewhat when it comes to systems and avionics. Does anyone here fly the Carenado series aircraft and, if so, are they good enough to fly on the network? Is the FMC and/or navigation tools up to standard? Also, if anyone is aware of any other developers out there making high-quality products, do please let me know. :-). 

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      Out of interest, how many people actively search on Twitch for controllers who stream? I know you get bigger channels streaming London etc, I understand its more interesting but would you watch for example a Manchester Tower stream?
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