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Andrew Gransden

atc-software UK Controller Plugin - EGGD Squawk Codes

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Andrew Gransden

UKCP is allocating the wrong squawks to VFR traffic departures leaving the Control Zone at EGGD. It is using the Radar Use ones (5050-5077 except 5070) and not 5070 used for all zone departures.VFR circuits all use 7010 [EGGD vMAT2]

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Callum Axon

I'd argue that this case is so specific that manual intervention would not be a bad thing. If I'm on APP handling a VFR departure, I'm likely to allocate a discrete squawk for the purposes of identification (regardless of whether they would like service, in which case I can use it for conspicuity) so this would only ever occur when TWR and APP are online. It could be extremely difficult to detect this particular situation because an aircraft might be doing a local flight (flight plan says GD to GD) and be classed as a VFR departure to a human controller but to the outside observer (i.e. the plugin), this is a standard VFR circuit. Unlike IFR, we don't necessarily have the ability to firmly compute whether or not a flight is a VFR departure and Bristol being a special case here. Just my two cents.

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Andy Ford

This is a special case that to my knowledge applies to only a few aerodromes where there's a special squawk just for VFR leavers that gets used when TWR and APP are online. Whenever I (and others I know) am covering GD top-down, I'll assign a discreet squawk because chances are I'll want to provide some sort of service that requires verification of Mode C.

The local squawk functionality is primarily there to allow controllers to keep on top of their local squawk ranges when providing LARS services or dealing with overflights. We may consider an option to disable local squawk allocations on a per-profile basis, so that controllers may disable it at GD if they so wish. However, this is not something that can be realistically be built into the plugin - it's difficult at best to accurately determine what an aircraft intends to do (especially on non-standard VFR flightplans) and the number of conditional statements would be difficult to maintain.

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