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Luke Brown

atc-software UK Controller Plugin Aircraft Type/Wake Category

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Luke Brown

Is there any any logic to the display of the aircraft type and wake category with the plugin?

Having essentially ported from VCA, I note that any string within the filed a/c type is also displayed, and somewhat limits the UK wake category.

i.e. if someone has filed A319/L or H/B77L/X the plugin will display A319/L/M or H/B77L/X/H respectively. (doesn't fit nicely in my 7 character box)

The only method to get a correct display is to remove the other bits the person has filed, to just leave the correct ICAO code.

EuroScope itself seems to be able to ignore the FAA equipment code that people file, but this part of the plugin doesn't.

Maybe this will all be fixed when VATSIM finally moves to the ICAO flight plan format?



P.s. Good Work!

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Andy Ford

At the moment, it just takes the aircraft type as they (the pilots) have specified, combined with the UK wake category and that’s it. I could, if people would find it useful, attempt (it would be a best guess, people can type anything in those boxes) to remove the unneeded sections 🙂 in the meantime, controllers can manually edit the FP to fix things 🙂 I’ll take a look this evening to see if ES gives me the filtered version of the type string and, if not, filter it out myself.


Thanks for the feedback!

Edited by Andy Ford

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Trevor Hannant

Hopefully more people will update vPilot to the latest version which gives you correct codes as you enter the aircraft type. 

And perhaps other pilot clients will follow suit (he says in eternal hope!)

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