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Simon Conway

discussion Training Exercises - smartCARS

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Simon Conway


It seems the smartCARS is windows only (an .exe file) which alienates mac users.

Is it possible to supply all the necessary server details so if for example I were to use Xplane and a Mac (yes, I know!, a double whammy!!) I could use the existing XACARS application and enjoy the new (is it new?) training excercises? 🙂

Thanks in advance,


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Simon Conway

Thanks for the reply and for tagging the right people to quiz 🙂

I look forward to their responses. 🤔


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Daniel Crookes

Hi Simon,

At this time there is no version of smartCARS for MacOS unfortunately.

Dan ✈️

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Calum Towers
2 hours ago, Simon Conway said:

Thanks for the response.

Are there any plans to cater for Mac users?

Hi Simon

We aren’t aware of any. The software is developed by a third party, TFDi Design (https://tfdidesign.com/). 

It may be worth dropping them a note so that they are aware that there is a demand. 

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Simon Conway

Thanks Calum,

I doubt though that only me asking about this constitutes a 'demand'. The request to TFDI should probably come from an organisation (like VATSIM 😉 ) that can show evidence of a demand, if there is one, rather than one individual.

Thanks for taking the time to respond though.



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Josh Riley

First of all, apologies for the delay in response - I rarely check the VATSIM forum! 

For now, there is very limited demand for Mac users, as most simmers come from a windows PC. This means that putting man hours into making software for probably less than 5% of the community (at the moment), is really just a waste of our resources when our upcoming projects will be more beneficial to the company. That being said, we have had trickles of requests coming in, and we do want to ensure that everyone can use our software. With the next iteration of smartCARS being in development, there is always the chance that we could make it compatible to an extent though we cannot guarantee that to be the case. We really would need to assess how many people would be interested in it.

If anyone else does read this reply, if you like it, I will use it as a judge for those who need the software most and see if we can justify the time!

I am sure that the division could add some extra files into the server to provide functionality to users of Mac, and XACARS in particular, though you would need to probably open a ticket to @Calum Towers in Web Services to see if it is possible to do. 



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Simon Conway

Hi, Thanks for the response.

I have accepted the fact that I won't be able to experience the new training system as a Mac user, at least for the foreseable future.

I am now enrolled elsewhere.

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