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Chris Pawley

active 2018-12-06 Swanwick Airspace Improvement Programme - AD3

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Chris Pawley

Effective 6 December 2018


Airspace Deployment 3 is a redesign of (Real world) London AC Sector 21 (AC Worthing on VATSIM), with new routings for traffc outbound from Solent airfields, and new procedures for traffic inbound and outbound from the Channel Islands via the North-East interface with London. This is part of the Swanwick Airspace Improvement Programme (SAIP). The majority of these changes are made to reduce complexity in this sector.

An overview for the new flow is given below:


(Note the majority of the lines at ORTAC are old RNAV5 specification routes, so alternatives are available for most flights)



A number of new RNAV 1 Airways are introduced between SAM/GWC and the FIR boundary with France.

New RNAV 1 STARs are introduced for Solent Inbounds

Note these STARs are named following the ICAO standards, after the first waypoint rather than the last waypoint as is typical in the UK.

New SIDs are introduced for Guernsey and Jersey

Agreements at ORTAC are extended to LELNA for Southbound traffic and ORIST for Northbound traffic

There are new agreed levels diagrams to support these changes.

Thanks to @Sebastian Rekdal for preparing the graphics for these changes

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    • Chris Pawley
      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 17 August 2019
      For this evening's Dublin/Manchester Citypair there is scope to utilise a split of the Manchester TMA.
      For the purposes of this event, Manchester TMA West can be split into two positions:- MAN_W_CTR and MAN_WL_CTR.
      MAN_W_CTR / 128.050 MHz
      RTF callsign: Scottish Control
      Coordination callsign: PC West
      Top-down responsibility for: Isle of Man (EGNS)
      Covers the remainder of the Manchester TMA West sector (real-world sectors: Isle of Man, Sector 29)

      Interfaces with:
      Dublin Control for Dublin in and outbounds
      PX Antrim for Manchester TMA in/outbounds and Belfast in/outbounds
      AC West for traffic between FL195 and FL285 (Newcastle, Humberside inbounds for example)
      Agreements to MAN_WL_CTR (from MAN_W_CTR)

      MAN_WL_CTR / 125.950 MHz

      RTF callsign: Scottish Control
      Coordination callsign: PC Wallasey
      Top-down responsibility for: Manchester (EGCC), Liverpool (EGGP)
      Covers the Wallasey sector of the Manchester TMA West sector.

      Interfaces with:
      AC West for Manchester, Liverpool inbounds and presents them to the approach unit(s)
      AC West for Leeds, Doncaster inbounds and presents them to PC East
      PC West for Manchester, Liverpool inbounds and presents them to the approach unit(s)
      Manchester, Liverpool aerodromes for the relevant departures and presents them to AC West, PC West or PC East depending on direction of flight
      Agreements to MAN_W_CTR (from MAN_WL_CTR):

      Note: for Manchester, Liverpool controllers, handoffs that would normally be to PC West are to be made to PC Wallasey as a higher priority, then PC West and then as published.
      This sector is correctly represented in sector file versions 2019/09 and later
    • Chris Pawley
      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 20 June 2019
      In contrast to precision approaches, non-precision approaches are at risk of failing to ensure correct tracking of the vertical path through altimetric calibration error. Should a plane make a non-precision approach with the wrong altimeter setting, they will fly the approach consistently too low or too high. Where (for example) an ILS approach is conducted, such an error is detrimental to ensuring separation in the intermediate approach but is corrected for in the final approach by ground based navigational equipment.
      In order to correct for any errors through altimetric calibration, approach controllers are instructed to issue the relevant QNH with the approach clearance for aircraft conducting a non-precision approach (including RNAV approaches)
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      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 28 February 2019
      A new position Southend Director (EGMC_APP, 132.450) is available for us. This position serves as a split of Southend Radar (EGMC_R_APP, 130.775) during times of high workload and focusses on aircraft inbound to Southend. This allows the Radar controller to conduct the other duties of the combined approach unit. This position is particularly useful when SRAs are in use.
      The 2019/03 version of the UK Sectorfile contains these changes, and the relevant local documentation will be update in a coming update.
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      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 26 April 2019
      Birmingham ATIS Frequency is update from 126.270  to 136.025
      The UK Sector File version 2019/05 contains these changes, relevant documentation will be updated in a future update.
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      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 26 April 2019
      Traffic inbound to Dublin is subject to the following revised agreement:-
      From Deancross  Rathlin to Antrim descending FL260 level TRN NELBO.
      The UK Sector File version 2019/05 is updated, in future, the agreed level diagrams will be updated to reflect this change.
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