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Aly Bleil

Dear VATSIM UK members, 

My name is Aly Bleil (Egyptian) and I am a flying enthusiast- I have been flying offline (X-Plane) for 12 years. I am a TV producer by profession and now studying for my MA in Media in London.

Part of my degree is to conduct a small research product on an online community and I chose to do it on VATSIM. My research will involve asking members questions about flight and ATC simulation only- nothing personal and I won’t use names. My research guidlines require that I am upfront about the scope and nature of my study. I have sought and was given approval to seek members and ask them questions about flight simulation. 

My research will focus on a narrow aspect of flight simulation (it is a very small project).  

For those of you who are interested, please let me know. I will also seek people from the forums.

This study will not be published and will only be seen by my instructor.  

If any of you wish to ask for any clarifications, please let me know and I will answer all queries.


Thank you.



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