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    Jonas Hey

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    • James Taylor
      By James Taylor
      Hi all,
      Im looking to upgrade my headset, has anyone got any personal recommendations, many thanks in advance
    • Glyn Davies
      By Glyn Davies
      As the Frequencies have changed slightly at EGCC e.g Tower was 118.625 now 118.630
      Are we reflecting this when we sign on as a controller??
    • George Wright
      By George Wright
      Hi all, here is the plan for London and Scottish Control for CTP. A diagram is available at https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1OGolnZEqO5_Yg9BmbxFZbwqtfnk-Pl3WtnFVS7afSDA/edit?usp=sharing.
      All London and Scottish sectors to be used are standard and as per the current sector file. 
      We have four tracks for event traffic - R (GOMUP), T (PIKIL), X (MALOT) and Y (LIMRI). The non-event tracks will be in the middle - U (RESNO) and W (DOGAL). Westbound transfers to Shannon domestic will be to 131.150 above FL245"  Westbound traffic going via BAGSO and LIPGO above FL245 should be to 125.870 and between BAKUR and LEDGO is 131.150 and then south of LEDGO is 135.600.
      Scottish will split East/West. Please split West + DCS (133.200) from the bandbox sector. LSZH and EHAM traffic will overfly on separate routes to LONAM and TOPPA respectively. EDDF traffic will overfly the short distance via IOM. There are three routes for EGCC - one will route via IOM to MIRSI, the other two will converge on DCS and will need to be merged for arrival into ROSUN. This is the only planned convergence. 
      North will split AC/TMA initially. If we have spare controllers on the day we can consider splitting the TMA again. AC North will handle overflying traffic for LSZH, EDDF and EHMA via LAMSO. It will also handle a short route for EHAM via DEXEN going to Central. All EGCC traffic will route UNDER AC North as per the usual agreements.  The North Sea sector will be split from AC North at select moments. Details here.
      TMA will handle arrivals into Manchester from three directions: LIFFY, IOM and DCS. The LIFFY and IOM traffic will converge on WAL for MIRSI. TMA is going to be very busy and will be handling all three stacks, so this will be the priority to split if we have the extra manpower. 
      West will handle two streams of overflying traffic: a small amount of LSZH arrivals routing STU to CPT and a full track of traffic crossing the short distance from LEDGO to ANNET. We are expecting non-event traffic to mostly use the routes via West, so expect additional London arrivals. This will remain as one position for the day.
      South and Central have some CTP traffic but nothing major. There will be some EHAM arrivals routing via HON-REDFA and some LSZH arrivals routing CPT-MOTOX. The main traffic expected will be non-event traffic using the London airports to connect to EGCC/EHAM. This traffic could be quite significant especially in the Daventry and Clacton sectors. We will decide on the day how to split but South/Central will be at least two sectors, perhaps three if staffing permits. 
      The rosters will be out soon.
      Good luck everyone!
    • Edward Berkley
      By Edward Berkley
      Hello guys,
      I've was controlling Manchester Ground recently and a pilot informed me that the NATS website has posted some incorrect charts for the aerodrome: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadbasic/pamslight-2802534C6AB6A0F20B85CF9B0216B244/7FE5QZZF3FXUS/EN/Charts/AD/AIRAC/EG_AD_2_EGCC_2-1_en_2018-10-11.pdf
      The main difference is the taxiway names. Holding points J1 is now R1, M1 is R2, H1 is R3 etc. 
      Is Manchester Airport in real life still using the old taxiways? Do they actually plan to change the names of the taxiways soon? 
    • Lenny Colton
      By Lenny Colton
      I have been looking around the forum and website and have been unable to find any documentation relating to Gibraltar (save for a letter of agreement with VATSPA, dated February 2012). As I imagine that the single letter I have found will be full of out of date information, does anybody know where I can get documentation or EuroScope files for Gibraltar?