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Callum Calcutt

proposal make it so your name is not shown on the network / vatspy

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Callum Calcutt

I love vatsim especially with the new codec coming however I don't want people to publicly see my name, can there be a way to hide it, its making me not want to use vatsim

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Andy Ford

Ultimately, no. Reference - Code of Conduct A4. This isn't controlled by VATSIM UK.

I mean, people have lied about their name in the past to varying degrees of success (I wouldn't recommend it), but officially, no.

Edited by Andy Ford

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Fergus Walsh

Hi Callum,

There is no way to hide your name. If you're worried about your current name, it's absolutely fine!

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Louie Lister

You'll be fine, you only get the occasional stalker 

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Harry Cameron

At the end of the day, your name being visible on VATSIM is no different to it being visible on any form of social media

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Oliver Rhodes

Worth noting that this has recently changed; the Code of Conduct (A4(b)) now allows you to connect with your CID if you wish to do so.

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Barry Martin Edwards

You should be proud of your name Callum,the fact that you use Vatsim proves to other people that you are capable of being a pilot online.

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