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Help with SMR colour editing

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James Wilkins

I'm not a fan of the colours generally used in SMR files due high contrast and illegibility; I would love to customise and unify them on my own personal Euroscope. Specifically, I'm talking about the colours of the runway, taxiways, buildings, grass verges, etc.

Is it a case of changing options in the 'Symbology settings' or editing files in the Euroscope directory? Some help in this area would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Nathan Innes

Go to the UK controller pack > Data > Sector then open the sector file in an appropriate text editing software. I'm sure you can edit the SMR colours from there.

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Anastasios Mpithas
3 hours ago, Nathan Innes said:

Go to the UK controller pack > Data > Sector then open the sector file in an appropriate text editing software. I'm sure you can edit the SMR colours from there.

Exactly. Open the UK.sct file from there with a .txt editor (preferably Notepad++) and navigate to the REGION section, and then to the airport's ICAO you want to amend. The phrase before each first set of coordinates is the colour. It could be smrWhite, smrGrass and many many other. Change that and save the file. Note that you may have to do this for multiple regions. Restart Euroscope. You can find all the predefined colours (smrGrass etc.) in the .sct file itself and on the github repository. 

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