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Sebastian Wheeler

atc-discussion Aberdeen Heli clearances

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Sebastian Wheeler

Just wondering if there is a standard heli clearance for aberdeen?

I'm assuming i'd hold them short of the HALS, then VFR clearance would be via HMR X published departure route N/A alt 1500 sqk xxxx???

then entry is also via published arrival route?

Also, is the phraseology "HALS 05" or "runway 05??"



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Harry Cameron

It really depends on if the helicopter has filed VFR or IFR, if its VFR you just give them a standard VFR zone departure clearance like you would with fixed wing. If its IFR you clear them "on track XX" following something like this 

(Callsign), QNH 1014, Runway 34. Start approved. Cleared to leave controlled airspace on track 77, climb altitude 3000, Squawk 4243.

That is done before taxi just like you would with fixed wing. 

Along with that usually the Heli runways are never used and helicopters just depart and arrive off the active i.e. 16/34

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Trevor Hannant

As Harry states, the main is used for all helicopter traffic unless a crosswind is strong enough that it dictates using a heli one although it's very rare.

In terms of clearances, as per the event topic:

*Helicopter operations to oil rigs (if any) should be filed VFR and will receive a Basic Service outside controlled airspace (A Traffic Service ONLY may be requested however will be subject to controller workload).  No vectoring will be provided as Oil installations are NOT included in the sector file.  Traffic will be transferred to UNICOM when the installation is in sight.

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Harry Cameron
1 minute ago, Trevor Hannant said:

*Helicopter operations to oil rigs (if any) should be filed VFR

What's the reasoning for this?

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Trevor Hannant

- Lack of available procedure information
- Lack of knowledge of offshore procedures (pilots & controllers)
- Lack of controllers

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