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Raymond Smith

pilot-software VFR Comms - Voice Controlled

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Raymond Smith


I've written a program that is aimed at VFR pilots, interfaces with vPilot and is voice controlled.

Its primary use is to generate text messages for while on Unicom based on users input and covers all phases of flight. The messages are then sent to vPilot.

Its secondary use is as a guide to what to say to online ATC at each stage of the flight.

All the commands are voice activated although there are buttons as a fallback.

The program is free and is available online as www.penray.co.uk, where there is an online manual and two tutorial videos showing its use for circuits and departures.

The software has been tested on Windows 10 64bt and .Net version 4.5.

I would welcome feedback on your experience so I can make it better.



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Nathan Innes

Must say this is impressive, definitely using this a lot more :)

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Raymond Smith
12 hours ago, Nathan Innes said:

Must say this is impressive, definitely using this a lot more 🙂

Good to hear.


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