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Harry Sugden

operations Process for updating documents

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Harry Sugden

Although my availability is sporadic, when I am about, I would really like to help keep documents up to date. The current process of going through the Helpdesk adds an extra step to documentation updates in my view, and I would love to get started on some necessary changes to the Heathrow EGLL ADC vMATS and Crib Sheet.

So perhaps, a workflow along the lines of this might work?

  • All master documents stored in a read only (Google Drive) folder, than members can download from
  • When updates need doing, and you're willing to make them, post on the appropriate document page to avoid duplication of work
  • When your updates are complete, upload to a pending review (Google Drive) folder - perhaps this script can help, but I'm no expert? - and submit a helpdesk ticket detailing what changes have been made
  • The document can then be reviewed by Operations, or posted on the documents forum for wider review - and hopefully approved!

Any other ideas on how this could be made more seamless? Or make it easier for updates to be made on time?


(Side note - though anyone using the VATSIM UK Document Template I hope will have installed the Alegre Sans font on the Branding Guidelines page!!!! 😄 )

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Adam Turner

Could we have a Github repository solely for documentation issue tracking? Nothing actually in the repo but just use it to track when there are changes required for the documentation. Could also keep track of which changes are higher priority than others. 

Whenever someone in the membership notices that something in the documentation is wrong, direct them to the repo and tell them to open an issue. Then a member of the ops team categorises the issue - is it a small issue that can be bundled for release with other issue, or is it a bigger issue that warrants a documentation revision of its own. If there are less changes to be made on each revision then small changes could hopefully be completed much more quickly. 

Perhaps the process can go: Member wanting to update goes to docs github -> Claims issues for their desired document -> Downloads copy from originals G Drive -> Send to helpdesk document with changes made -> Document reviewed, published and Github issues closed. 

I know this is all very idealistic but I'm definitely happy to get involved! 

Edited by Adam Turner

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Andy Ford
8 hours ago, Adam Turner said:

Could we have a Github repository solely for documentation issue tracking? Nothing actually in the repo but just use it to track when there are changes required for the documentation. Could also keep track of which changes are higher priority than others. 

For simply issue tracking, there are plenty of better solutions than GitHub 🙂 GitHub best combines issues and code (not disagreeing with issue tracking, just that GitHub isn't best suited if that's all you want to achieve) 🙂

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