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Alex Ridge

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Alex Ridge
10 hours ago, Alex Hartshorne said:

Getting rid of the inactive ban completely would be great (like before), if not, I would say 3 hours wouldn't be a bad call.

I like 3 hours 



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    • Andy Ford
      By Andy Ford
      How time flies! It's now been three months since we released the new VATSIM UK tower training syllabus. Since release, we've seen an increase in the number of exams coming through the system, with a strong pass rate.
      Now that we've all had time to work with the new syllabus, it's time to look towards the next iteration and improvement. Therefore, we'd like to invite mentors and students to comment on how they're finding the syllabus and any feedback that they may have.
      With any additions or improvements, we are hoping to retain the current paradigm of "if it's theory, then it's self-taught". If there's something that you've noticed students lacking with regards to theory because we haven't told them what they need and where to find it, please say and this can be added.
      On the practical side, we're interested to know if there's anything that you would want to see added to the syllabus or integrated into an existing criterion. Or perhaps there's something that could be made clearer to aid understanding?
      Once we've collected all the feedback, we'll update the syllabus and release the improved version.
    • Alex Ridge
      By Alex Ridge
      Hi guys,
      With the new SIDs/STAR for 1806, I was kindly wondering when we can expect the updated Crib sheets.
      Thank you,
    • Richard Williams
      By Richard Williams
      I know I've (and others have) raised it before, but I do wonder, being that the roles are remarkably similar, why Vatsim don't enable S1's to cover A/G positions?
      With the email I received recently stating that there were 193* new students in 2017, one wonders... Where are they?! If they're waiting for TWR training and bored of GND, this could make them feel empowered to keep taking part, as well as expanding the number of airports open?
      Not looking to stir up contention or a debate, I just wonder if there's a positive opportunity to expand the number of airfields opened here and retain interest? Especially with the possibility of enabling A/G airfields around the new VFR Friday arrangement - a fantastic new opportunity IMO! Good call chaps :)
    • Simon Howroyd
      By Simon Howroyd
      Hi all,
      Just a bit of feedback, probably nothing you already don't know.
      I have been on the S2 TWR training waiting list for nearly 10months now, seems an excessively long time compared to other division where I have friends and are already controlling TWR for their majors and only begun their training two months ago, from scratch.
      I know you're working hard, some sort of update would be appreciated, however.
    • James Yuen
      By James Yuen
      Over the past few years, I've been through many divisions (:/) and seen many different styles of mentoring. However, there's a tendency for two things in VATUK:
      1. A lot of mentors who are active for a few months and then stop mentoring (for a substantial period of time)
      2. A lot of sessions required for students on average
      To address the first point for other mentors/students to see: what is preventing you from mentoring? Here are a few brief points from me:
      - Obvious one: real world time constraints
      - Students between sessions: Some of the stuff I end up covering in sessions can be covered by the student outside/in between sessions as theory