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Scheduled Maintenance - All Services - 21/03/2018 15:00 UTC

As part of our cloud service provider's work to mitigate the industry-wide security vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre, a maintenance period for all services has been scheduled for Wednesday 21st March at 15:00 UTC. The expected duration of this maintenance is 2 hours. During this timeframe, there will be two periods of downtime for up to 15 minutes each, initiated by our provider. For more information, visit https://status.vatsim.uk/.

Updates will be posted at https://status.vatsim.uk/. To report any problems or issues after the maintenance has been completed, please visit https://helpdesk.vatsim.uk/

Alex Ridge

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Alex Ridge
10 hours ago, Alex Hartshorne said:

Getting rid of the inactive ban completely would be great (like before), if not, I would say 3 hours wouldn't be a bad call.

I like 3 hours 



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    • Simon Howroyd
      By Simon Howroyd
      Hi all,
      Just a bit of feedback, probably nothing you already don't know.
      I have been on the S2 TWR training waiting list for nearly 10months now, seems an excessively long time compared to other division where I have friends and are already controlling TWR for their majors and only begun their training two months ago, from scratch.
      I know you're working hard, some sort of update would be appreciated, however.
    • James Yuen
      By James Yuen
      Over the past few years, I've been through many divisions (:/) and seen many different styles of mentoring. However, there's a tendency for two things in VATUK:
      1. A lot of mentors who are active for a few months and then stop mentoring (for a substantial period of time)
      2. A lot of sessions required for students on average
      To address the first point for other mentors/students to see: what is preventing you from mentoring? Here are a few brief points from me:
      - Obvious one: real world time constraints
      - Students between sessions: Some of the stuff I end up covering in sessions can be covered by the student outside/in between sessions as theory
    • Jamie Paine
      By Jamie Paine
      Hi all,
      While writing a few of my recent reports and conducting some APP sessions. I feel one area in the report is open to too much ambiguity. Four areas are being assessed by one grade.
      Separation Standards - Normally taught at the beginning of a students training ATS Surveillance Systems -  Basic Knowledge that is also taught at the beginning of training FIS - Taught with VFR Approach Types/Procedures - I mentored a few students yesterday who had this area of the report marked at 'Satisfactory/Good' but no/little knowledge of approach types and procedures What needs changing in the report template?
      Separation Standards & ATS Surveillance Systems should be split into one section of the report FIS should be removed from this area as it is covered in the 'Low-Level Procedures' section Approach Types/Procedures is a large topic which can take almost a whole session to teach with areas such as - Precision v Non Precision, Phraseology for approaches with reference to a navigation beacon, SRA restrictions/phraseology, Visual restrictions/phraseology Let me know what you guys think, I honestly think that it would allow mentors to assess students ability better.
    • Chris Pawley
      By Chris Pawley
      As we tend to do two different things in our updates, I thought it was worth discussing. Additionally, some controllers might be interested/have an opinion.
      I wanted to breifly discuss what we do when SIDs and STARs are redesignated in AIRAC updates.
      Option 1:
      Archive the old procedure (typically with a #) and add a complete new procedure.
      BLAHH1G updated -> #BLAHH1G
      Create BLAHH2G
      ANTHR2H withdrawn -> #ANTHR2H
      All old procedures correctly displayed in case of old NavData
      Cumbersome sectorfile containing lots of out dated procedures
      Longer loadtimes in boot up
      May be difficult to reclear someone who filed the wrong procedure
      Lack of distinction between old and withdrawn procedures
      Option 2:
      Archive old procedures where there is no longer a procedure with that name. Renumber/resequence updated procedures.
      BLAHH1G updated -> BLAHH2G
      ANTHR2H withdrawn -> #ANTHR2H
      Smaller file, less loading time
      Aircraft with the old procedures may fly in an unexpected manner when cleared on a new procedure.
      I personally prefer and thought we were using option 2, but willing to discuss and find out if there is merit in following option 1.
    • Alex Ridge
      By Alex Ridge
      Hi guys,
      After a little waiting I asked to join the Gatwick controller position as I was quite keen to get on to a course at Gatwick to move through the ranks and get to area control as soon as possible. I asked this on the 23rd of August 2015.
      I am quite comfortable with procedures and have real world experience, my only limitation is using Euroscope..
      Is this length of time, usual? 
      I would like to really knuckle down and get through the ranks but I'm not being kept in the loop and it's a little de-motivating.
      Kind regards,