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Scheduled Maintenance - All Services - 23/02/2018 22:00 UTC

A maintenance period for multiple services has been scheduled for Friday 23rd February at 22:00 UTC. The expected duration of this maintenance is 1 hour. Two periods of downtime of less than 10-15 seconds are expected. Additional information is available at https://status.vatsim.uk/.

Updates will be posted at https://status.vatsim.uk/. To report any problems or issues after the maintenance has been completed, please visit https://helpdesk.vatsim.uk/

Joseph Shewfelt

pilot-discussion Unicom Radio Handoffs

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Joseph Shewfelt

When I am handed off to unicom, how do I know what ATC channel I should go to after? For example if I am flying EGKK to LFPG, do I have to wait until LFPG_APPR shows in my list of in-range ATC channels? And if LFPG_APPR wasn't online, what would I do?

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Oliver Rhodes

If the position under which you would normally be operating is not online, and there is no controller available to cover it 'top down', you would continue to monitor UNICOM, broadcasting your intentions as appropriate (e.g. "LFPG traffic, EZY123 establishing ILS 26R, 10 miles", or something to that effect).

There are a lot of different sectors across Europe and indeed the rest of the world, so it would be ridiculous to suggest that you should know them all and contact them when appropriate. Some you'll come to know as you fly there often, but if you're unsure, you can always message controllers to ask. Controllers will also send you a 'contact me' if they need you on their frequency, so don't worry about not being 'in the right place'!

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Fergus Walsh

Hi Joseph,
As stated above, controllers will normally send what is known as a 'ContactMe'. This is something that you will receive via Private Message and it will say something like 'Please contact me on 121.850'. If you think you are in an airspace where a controller is online but you haven't been contacted, PM the controller and they can sort it out. 
Hope this helps.

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Joseph Shewfelt

thanks for the answers, guys, I really appreciate all of it :)

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