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Connor Faulder

pilot-software New Source for VAT-Spy Updates

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Connor Faulder

For anyone that isn't aware, there've been some excellent community-based updates to VAT-Spy data appearing in this forum thread for the last year, but Christoph Reule has now decided to conclude this given AccuMap's development.


However, for those who prefer the ultra-light nature of VAT-Spy, a team at VATCAR have now started producing regular updates:


Project: http://vatspy.vatcar.org/

Files on GitHub: https://github.com/VATCAR/VAT-Spy-Client-Data-Update-Project

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Nick Marinov

When an update to the data is published will it include a changelog?

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Marco Fortin-Metzgen


Edited by Marco Fortin-Metzgen
Had a problem, then solved it...

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      I would like to present a new tool for pilots (😱 I know right?)

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