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Alex Beard

atc-training Gatwick Endorsement Passes

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    • Alvi Segovia
      By Alvi Segovia
      Will there be any radar seminars coming up, as there hasn't been one since October and I think it would be beneficial for those students who is in the waiting list awaiting a training place.
    • Mark Cable
      By Mark Cable
      I have been away from vatsim uk for about a year and half due to my father being ill and having to look after him, before I left I was doing S3 training on EGGD_APP, and I was wondering where I need to go to restart. Since I have been away the website and training system has all changed and also all the old regional forums seem to have dissapeared. I realise that I won't just be able to pick up from where I have left off, hence the need to start up the training again, so I have been jumping on EGFF_TWR for the last week to get me back up to some sort of speed.
      Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
    • James Morrissey
      By James Morrissey
      I passed my s1 on Monday. Just wondering how long I should have to wait?
    • Tom Medlicott
      By Tom Medlicott
      Hi Guys
      I have started flying on Vatsim again i would like to continue my ATC training. I attained my S1 Rating around 7 years ago and have controlled GND a fair bit at EGGP since that time. 
      If i can get setup on Euroscope again i am able to continue controlling GND stations?
      I have applied to join the "New Controller Group" on the CTS about a week ago, however that has not bee accepted yet, do we know how long this is currently taking?
      What is the best way for me to get back into Tower training?
    • Robin Tannahill
      By Robin Tannahill
      Quote from VATSIM "vMATS" for EGPF,  relating to Glasgow Ground responsibilities:
      "Issuing Standard Instrument Departure clearances and SSR codes to IFR departures, except inter airfield* flights"      unquote

      Of course I can't see a reference to the asterisk.  So, can anyone clarify what is meant by an inter airfield flight.  The vMATS also says "Requesting Clearances from Glasgow Radar for inter-airfield and VFR/SVFR departures, advising them of the SSR code for such flights."

      Thanks in advance, Robin