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Jonas Kuster

event - fly-in [29th August, 1730-2000z] C3 CPT Swiss Radar (LSAS_CTR) Michael Kühne

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Jonas Kuster


Michael Kühne will do his Radar CPT+ on Swiss Radar to earn his C3 rating.

Fly through his airspace and give him some traffic.

Good luck, Michael!

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    • Henry Cleaver
      By Henry Cleaver
      There will be an exam on Gatwick Director (EGKK_APP) this Friday 26th April from 1830-2000Z (1930-2100 UK Local time).

      We need a good mix of both IFR and VFR traffic arriving and departing Gatwick for the exam to be a success.

      Supporting ATC from Gatwick Tower and Ground, and London Control would be appreciated.

      A guide for pilots flying for exams can be found here.

      Good Luck to the candidate.
    • Loui Ringer
      By Loui Ringer
      Sorry, it's late!
      VatSpa will have Madrid staffed tomorrow and they have requested that we staff Heathrow alongside them. I believe they would like to promote full ATC at both airports for anyone that wants to fly between. They are also running a competition to win scenery, more can be found here. 
      Thank you to anyone who can log on, London would be good also. 

    • Ramon Balimann
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      Last Friday night of the month? Put your kids to bed or place them in the right seat and start your engines, as vACC Switzerland launches the latest addition to its event catalogue at Geneva International Airport (LSGG).
      With a single concrete runway, controllers face the challenge of getting the timing just right, in order to clear you to land just seconds after departing traffic’s gear has left the ground. Needless to say, expect late landing clearances.

      Waiting at the holding point? Get ready to line up behind landing traffic or execute a rolling takeoff, for there is bound to be traffic on final awaiting that late landing clearance.

      We are up for the challenge, fully staffed and ready to get you in and out safely, one by one. Look out for the chain of landing lights on the ILS in Geneva, every last Friday of the month from 1800z to 2000z.

      Scenery & Charts
      LSGG - Geneva

    • Bruno Audoux
      By Bruno Audoux
      Simon will be in control on Friday, April 26th to survive safe and sound the examination that will make him a Centre Controller...
      All pilots are invited to come and put him to the test and see if he is able to overcome the storm of transits, departures and arrivals that are scheduled during this evening...

      Prepare your flight, check the Charts here and be ready for the adventure...
    • Alex J Meijer
      By Alex J Meijer
      I do like to participate in the CTP EGPH to KPHL. But is there scenery for KPHL?
      best regards
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