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Jonas Kuster

event - fly-in [29th August, 1730-2000z] C3 CPT Swiss Radar (LSAS_CTR) Michael Kühne

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Jonas Kuster


Michael Kühne will do his Radar CPT+ on Swiss Radar to earn his C3 rating.

Fly through his airspace and give him some traffic.

Good luck, Michael!

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      All you have to do, to get a chance of winning one of these amazing prizes is having "TWIC2019" written in your flightplan remarks and fly one whole flight into or out of OMDB or OMAA during the event timings whilst connected to the VATSIM Network.
      The winners will be announced on the Flyin Notices in comments of this event, and ourFacebook Page.
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      In order for these prizes to be won, You have to fly into the airport within the time slot stated below in order to entered into the prize draw for that particular prize.
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      Saturday 7th December 2019
      1400z - 1600z (OMDB - Dubai) x1 winner of €50 Simmarket voucher
      1400Z - 1600Z (OMAA - Abu Dhabi) x1 Winner UK2000 any one copy of any extreme range
      1600Z - 1800Z (OMDB - Dubai) x1 Winner of Any copy of Fs2crew
      1600Z - 1800Z (OMAA - Abu Dhabi) x1 winner of the Jar design A320
      1800Z - 2000Z (OMDB - Dubai) x1 winner of €50 Simmarket voucher & x1 winner of any Fly Tampa Scenery
      1800Z - 2000Z (OMAA - ABU DHABI) x1 winner copy of the Majestic software Q400 Pro Edition.
      Whole Duration (Both Airports) X1 Winner of any ORBX Scenery (Must have ORBX Direct Account) ATC ONLY (WHOLE DURATION ANY AIRPORT) x1 Winner €25 Simmarket voucher
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      Sunday 8th December 2019
      1000z - 1200z (OMDB - DUBAI) 1 winner of €50 Simmarket voucher
      1000Z - 1200Z (OMAA - Abu Dhabi) x1 winner of the Jar design A330
      1200Z - 1400Z (OMDB - Dubai) x1 Winner of any copy of Fly tampa scenery 
      1200Z - 1400Z (OMAA - Abu Dhabi) x1 winner copy of the Majestic software Q400 Pro Edition
      1400Z - 1600Z (OMDB - Dubai) x1 winner of the Eclipse 550 from the Xplane Store
      1400Z - 1600Z (OMAA - ABU DHABI) x1 Winner of any copy of Fly tampa scenery  

      ATC ONLY (WHOLE DURATION ANY AIRPORT) x1 Winner €25 Simmarket voucher
      Briefing Package
      Dubai-OMDB | Abu Dhabi-OMAA
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